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  • The braille system was devised in 1821 by Louis Braille in Paris, France
  • It is widely used by blind people to read and write
Louis Braille
  • It was invented by Louis Braille,after whom it is named,in 1821
Definition of Braille Braille is the writing that blind people can read. It was created by Louie Braille. Each letter is represented by a different combination of 1-6 dots. The dots must be imprinted onto the page high enough so that you can feel them when you run your hand along the page.

Answer: For hundreds of years, the written word was inaccessible to the blind. During the 19th century, however, concern for their plight moved an earnest young man to develop a method of communication that opened up a new door for himself and millions of others.

Louis Braille was born in 1809 in the village of Coupvray in France, about 25 miles [40 km] from Paris. His father, Simon-René Braille, made a living as a harness maker. Perhaps young Louis often played in his father's workshop. On one occasion, however, it was the setting for a terrible accident. Gripping a sharp pointed tool-possibly an awl-Louis inadvertently plunged it into his eye. The damage was irreversible. Worse still, the infection soon spread to his other eye. At the tender age of three, Louis became totally blind.

Trying to make the best of the situation, Louis' parents and the parish priest, Jacques Palluy, arranged for Louis to sit in on classes held at the local school. Louis absorbed much of what he heard. In fact, some years he was at the head of his class! But there were limits to what a blind person could learn using methods that were designed for the sighted. Hence, in 1819, Louis was enrolled in the Royal Institute for Blind Youth.

The founder of the institute, Valentin Haüy, was one of the first to establish a program to help the blind to read. His desire was to combat the prevailing notion that blindness precluded a person from the benefits of a formal education. Haüy's early experiments involved embossing large raised letters on thick paper. Although crude, these efforts planted seeds that would later take root.

Braille learned how to read the large embossed letters in the books of Haüy's small library. He realized, however, that this approach to learning was slow and impractical. After all, letters were designed for the eyes-not the fingers. Fortunately, someone else who recognized these limitations was about to appear on the scene.

An Idea From an Unexpected Source

In 1821, when Louis Braille was just 12 years old, Charles Barbier, a retired French artillery captain, visited the institute. There he presented a means of communication called night writing, later called sonography. Night writing was developed for use on the battlefield. It was a tactile method of communication, using raised dots arranged in rectangular form six dots high by two dots wide. This concept of using a code to represent words phonetically struck a responsive chord at the school. Braille enthusiastically applied himself to this new approach and even made improvements to it. But to make the system truly practical, Braille had to persevere. He wrote in his diary: "If my eyes will not tell me about men and events, ideas and doctrines, I must find another way."

So for the next two years, Braille worked doggedly to simplify the code. Finally, he developed a refined and elegant method based on a cell only three dots high by two dots wide. In 1824, at the age of 15, Louis Braille completed a six-dot cell system. Soon thereafter, Braille began teaching at the institute, and in 1829 he published his unique method of communication known today by his name. Except for minor refinements, his system remains essentially unchanged to this day.

The late 1820's saw the publication of the first book that explained Braille's raised-dot invention; but the invention was slow to gain wide acceptance. Even at the institute, the new code was not officially adopted until 1854-two years after Braille's death. Nevertheless, this vastly superior method eventually gained popularity.

Several organizations have produced Braille literature. The Watchtower Society began making such material available in 1912, when the code was still being standardized for the English-speaking world. Today, using advanced Braille printing methods, the Society embosses millions of pages each year in eight languages and distributes these to over 70 countries. Recently, the Society doubled its production capacity to meet the growing demand for Braille Bible literature.

Today the simple, well-crafted Braille code makes the written word available to millions who are visually impaired-thanks to the dedicated efforts of a young boy almost 200 years ago.

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Q: Where was Braille created?
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When was braille created?

Braille was devised in 1821 by Louis Braille

Who created the braille system?

Louis Braille invented the braille system......

When was Braille Institute of America created?

Braille Institute of America was created in 1919.

When was The Braille Night created?

The Braille Night was created on 2001-06-05.

When was the Braille writing system created?

The Braille system was devised by Louis Braille in 1821.

Who created the braille language?

Louis Braille created the braille alphabet (there is no such thing as "braille language"). The objective of creating such a language was to enable the blind to read and write.

When was International Braille Chess Association created?

International Braille Chess Association was created in 1948.

How was Braille created?

when louis Braille was a kid he accidentally stabed his eye out

Who came up with braille?

Louis Braille created Braille, a development of a military system for reading by touch, in the dark.

What is remarkable about what Louis Braille did?

That he created the Braille reading and writing system at the age of 12.

Who created the alphabet for blind people?

Louis Braille.

What was Louis Braille's mother's name?

lily braille lily braille lily braille

Who started braille?

Louis braille started braille

How does Louis Braille influence people?

Louis Braille has been a huge influence on a lot of people. He created the Braille reading system, which allows blind people to read using a series of dots and bumps that represent letters.

Who first used Braille?

Louis Braille, who Braille is named after.

What did Lewis braille invent?

Lewis Braille invented braille

What were challenges that Louis Braille have with making the braille?

It was hard for Louis Braille to make braille because he was blind.

What did Louis Braille use to make the Braille method?

Louis Braille (as he was called) created a system where each letter of the alphabet was represented by a number of (maximum: 6) dots. For making those dots he originally used a stitching awl.

Where was braille made?

Braille was devised in 1821 by Louis Braille, a Frenchman.

Who invented braille painting?

Louis Braille invented the Braille painting.

What is braille named after?

Braille is named after the person who invented it, Louis Braille.

When did Louis Braille invent braille?

Louis Braille invented Braille when he was fifteen year old.Louis Braille invented his Braille system of raised-dot reading to assist the blind in 1821.Louis Braille invented his Braille system of raised-dot reading to assist the blind in 1821.

What is the language that Louis Braille created called?

Louis Braille created a language for blind people who couldn't see. The language helps them to read and write.there are books which are translated into braille. the blind read them by the help of their fingers.they sense the bumps and spaces of different kinds and are able to read and cannot write braille with pen and paper but it requires a special typewriter with special keys

How do you spell braille in braille?


Who uses braille?

It is the blind people who uses braille. Actually braille system was introduced by Louis braille,after whom it was named.