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Everywhere as he is omnipresent.

Another AnswerSee.. God created us and he made our minds limited so we can't be able to know the answers to these questions..

Hopes,,this helps(:

God and the Universe:

God and reasoning:

Reasoning is the only kind of thinking we know. Therefore, we try to understand religion also using reasoning only.

However, all religions are based on symbolic/ indirect thinking. This kind of thinking would enable us to decode religion.

If we try to understand god using reasoning we would have blind faith in god and thus become religious fanatics. To avoid these we follow religion without questioning.

God and eternity:

Under ideal conditions everything in our life would appear to be eternal. If we believe that god is eternal we would be considering just the ideal part of our life. Therefore, we always think that god is eternal.

God, universe and time:

It is very obvious that the universe is billions of years old and all the gods are just a few thousand years old.

God and creation:

The creation of the universe by god is symbolic of creation of our new life, after our old life is devastated beyond repair.

The initial success in our new life would be small and temporary. At that time if we read about creation of the mighty universe by god in a few days, we would get a feeling that even our achievements are mighty and permanent.


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Q: Where was God before he created the universe?
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How do Sikhs believe the universe was created?

Sikhs believe that before creation, all that existed was God and Its will. When God willed, the entire universe was created.

What was God doing before he created the universe?

Only God knows. How do you judge on your Creator what He was doing before creating you?.

Is the question that god created universe is correct?

Has God created the universe.

Which Hindu god created the universe?

Brahma is the Hindu god who created the universe.

How god create universe?

God created the universe by order.

What are Major events that occurred before man?

God created the earth and the universe!

Wen was god born?

God wasn't born, God exists even before the universe was created and exists 4ever.

Who is Saint Michael?

Saint Michael is one of the archangels. St. Michael is an archangel who stands before the throne of God. He, along with all the angels, were created by God long before the universe existed.

Is God the master of universe?

yes, God is the master of the universe because it created the universe and it will one day destroy the universe.

Who was the maker of universe?

God created the universe.

Why would people not believe god created the universe?

They wouldn't believe God created the universe because they think,well,who created God? God wasn't created. He is the Creator.

How did angels come into being?

God created them long before the Universe even existed.

What was before?

Before the universe was created, no one except for God knows what was around, because he was the only one around.

When was Saint Gabriel created?

Gabriel and all the other angels were created by God long before the universe existed.

If the bible said god created the world then how come there were people before him b c?

God created the universe before anyone was alive. Now skip ahead to the Christmas story. Jesus is God's son, and even though they are the same person, God created the universe way before he impregnated the virgin Mary with his SON, JESUS CHRIST

What was anywhere before the universe was created?

AnswerSome say God; some say a false vacuum.

Do Muslims believe that god created the world?

Yes, they believe that God and only God created the universe and mankind and all universe findings.

When was Saint Raphael created?

Raphael was created by God eons ago, long before time and the universe even existed.

What was the first thing appeared in universe?

Well the first thing in the universe... (before it was even a universe) was always there it didnt appear it was always there, one person that we know that was here first was God... but God didn't appear... he was always there. God was not created, for he is the a creator.

Who is the most powerful being in the universe?

God, who created the universe.

Was there matter before God created the universe?

The creation of matter and the creation of the universe were one and the same event, occurring approximately 11.3 billion years ago. Some scientists believe that our universe is not alone, but that there are other universes in what is termed the 'multiverse'; if so they would have held matter when our universe was created.

How wws the universe created?

God created it with his power.

Why is the universe so important?

Actually, depending on how you look at things; and depending on what you feel is 'important'; the Universe is not really so important.The Bible states that God created the Universe. Genesis 1:1 says: "In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth."Of course, God was in existence before that 'beginning'. God does not need the universe for Him to exist. God is not limited nor confined by the forces (laws) of the universe. God not only created the physical universe; he also created the various unique forces (ie light, temperature, gravity, magnetism, E=MC2, etc). Therefore God exists outside the confines of the universe.The Bible also states that God created things, before he created the physical universe of stars, galaxies, planets, (and the element these are constructed from.) God had created 'living beings' like himself. The Bible calls them angels. They also exist outside the confines of the universe.So from that viewpoint, the universe is not important at all for their existence.But when God decided to create completely newforms-of-life(plural) 'physical life' (ie plant-life / animal-life / human-life), then God created a physical universe. Therefore, for any 'physical life' to exist, it needed a 'physical universe' and a new set of laws. So for 'human-life' to exist, for 'plant-life' to exist, for 'animal-life' to exist, that's why the universe is so important for us. But for God, this universe is really not important for his existence at all.

Does god know the time or date you going to die?

Yes he does. God knows everything. He knew everything about you before he even created the universe.

What god create the universe?

The question is rather confusing, assuming it asks what god created the universe, that is a matter of total opinion. If you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish you will likely believe that God created the universe, not 'what' God. I personally believe that the universe has existed forever and will exist forever.