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Q: Where was James Earl Carter from?
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What number is James earl carter?

James earl carter is number 39

When did James earl carter die?

July 23, 1953 is when James Earl Carter Sr. died.

Who is James earl chip carter?

James Earl "Chip" Carter is one of President Carter's sons.

What is Jimmy Carter names?

Jimmy's full name is James Earl Carter and he was James Earl Carter Jr. until his father's death/

When and where was James Earl Carter born?

Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter) was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia, United States.

When did James e carter died?

James Earl Carter, or President Jimmy Carter is still living.

What was the nickname of President James Earl Carter?

"jimmy Carter"

When did Earl Carter die?

James Earl Carter Sr, , father of Pres. Jimmy Carter, died on July 23, 1953.

Which state did James Earl Carter Jr serve as Governor?

James Carter was Governor of Georgia.

Is Jimmy Carter James carter?

Yes, his full name is James Earl Carter, jr. He was 39th president of the US.

Who was James earl carter jr's youngest child?

Amy j carter

What is carter first name?

His full name is James Earl Carter, Jr.

What party did James Earl Carter belong to?


How did James Earl Carter get the nickname Jimmy?

Jimmy is another name for James

Was Jimmy Carter named James?

James Earl Carter. The first president to take the Oath of Office with his nickname under the name Jimmy Carter.

When did James E Carter Die?

James Earl Carter died on July 23, 1953, at the age of fifty-nine

When and where did James Earl Carter Jr die?

he has not died yet

What high school did James Earl Carter Jr attend?

he get to

Is James Earl Carter Jr Mormon?

No. He's Baptist.

How did Jimmy Carter get his nickname?

Jimmy is a common nickname for people called James. It's quite possible that James Earl Carter signed in as 'Jimmy Carter' to avoid being associated with James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King.

What was Jimmy Carter middle name?

"Jimmy" is his nickname. His real name is James Earl Carter.

What were the terms as a president for James earl carter jr?

James E. (Jimmy) Carter served one term from 1977 to 1981.

Who is Chip Carter?

james Earl "Chip" Carter III is the son of former president Jimmy Carter.

What is Carter's middle name?

Earl is his middle name- his full name is James Earl Carter (Jr).

What is Jimmy Carter the Presidents middle name?

Jimmy Carter's full name is James Earl Carter.