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He was not. It was in Coulson, Montana.

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Q: Where was John Liver Eating Johnston a deputy sheriff in Colorado?
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Is it sheriff deputy or deputy sheriff?

The usual official job title is "deputy sheriff." Because the sheriff deputizes these officers and they work under his authority, the other term is properly "sheriff's deputy." Effectively, the terms are interchangeable.

Is a deputy sheriff the same as a regular deputy?

"Deputy sheriff" is the full job title of sworn line employees in a sheriff's department. They are usually addressed as "deputy," in the same way a police officer is addressed as "officer."

Can a deputy conduct the sheriff sale?

Yes. A deputy has all the powers of a Sheriff through delegation.

What is the function of deputy?

A deputy is authorized to carry out the powers of the person who deputizes him. In the law enforcement context, a deputy is usually a deputy sheriff, who can exercise the duties and powers of the sheriff who appoints him or her.

How much do a sheriff deputy make?

how much does a deputy make

Who shot the sheriff?

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy.

What rhymes with tariff?

serif, sheriff, deputy sheriff

How do you spell depoti?

I wonder if you mean deputy. I shot the Sheriff but I did not shoot the Deputy.

What are the release dates for The Deputy Sheriff's Star - 1914?

The Deputy Sheriff's Star - 1914 was released on: USA: 9 May 1914

What do you call an assistant officer to a sheriff?

A deputy

Can a deputy conduct a sheriff sale?

A "Deputy" Sheriff operates under the Sheriffs constitutional authority and if among his assigned duties is the authority to conduct sales... yes.

Would being on blood thinner prevent you in becoming a deputy sheriff?

i have a chance to become a deputy sheriff but was wondering if being on blood thinner would prevent that

How much does a deputy sheriff get paid?

A deputy sheriff makes around $50,000 a year. This depends on the part of country you live in and whether it is a small or larger town.

Has Steven Seagal really been a sheriff's deputy for over 20 years or is the release of this info just a hoax?

Steven Seagal is in fact a Deputy Sheriff. He is a member of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Department in Louisiana.

Can a deputy sheriff serve a subpoena over the phone?


What is a Deputy Judge?

A peace officer subordinate to a sheriff.

What is a special deputy sheriff?

A non paid officer

What does a sheriff deputy do?

A sheriff's deputy has a variety of duties like keeping the peace, serving notices, and protecting the citizens. Unlike city police, they are responsible for large areas like counties.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Love Deputy - 1926?

The cast of The Love Deputy - 1926 includes: Edmund Cobb as Deputy Sheriff Don Pearson

Who was sheriff Andy Taylor deputy on the Andy Griffith show?

Deputy Barney Fife. Played by Don Knotts.

Who was the Deputy sheriff in soledad in mice and men?

Al Wilts.

Who transports detained defendants from jail to courthouse?

Sheriff's deputy

What is a western term for police officer?

Sheriff - Deputy - Marshall .

What are the duties of a deputy sheriff?

A deputy sheriff has several different duties. Some of these include: investigate complaints, investigate accidents, attend court, attend schools, and direct traffic at special events.

How many los angeles county sheriff's deputy are there?

Almost 10,000, it's the largest Sheriff's Department in the world.