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Where was John Liver Eating Johnston a deputy sheriff in Colorado?


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He was not. It was in Coulson, Montana.


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The usual official job title is "deputy sheriff." Because the sheriff deputizes these officers and they work under his authority, the other term is properly "sheriff's deputy." Effectively, the terms are interchangeable.

Yes. A deputy has all the powers of a Sheriff through delegation.

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A deputy is authorized to carry out the powers of the person who deputizes him. In the law enforcement context, a deputy is usually a deputy sheriff, who can exercise the duties and powers of the sheriff who appoints him or her.

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"Deputy sheriff" is the full job title of sworn line employees in a sheriff's department. They are usually addressed as "deputy," in the same way a police officer is addressed as "officer."

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A "Deputy" Sheriff operates under the Sheriffs constitutional authority and if among his assigned duties is the authority to conduct sales... yes.

A deputy sheriff makes around $50,000 a year. This depends on the part of country you live in and whether it is a small or larger town.

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A peace officer subordinate to a sheriff.

Sheriff - Deputy - Marshall .

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Deputy becomes acting until new election.Additional: The Under-Sheriff, the Chief Deputy, whatever the second-in-command of the Department (whatever his rank) is called.

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Al Wilts - deputy sheriff of Soledad. Curley sends Whit to find him when his wife is murdered.

Warrants- orders for the arrest of a person (hold them to answer for a criminal act)- are usually served by a law enforcement officer, such as a sheriff, deputy sheriff, marshal, deputy marshal, agent or police officer. Other legal matters, such as lawsuits, divorces, etc, may be served by a "process server" or by a deputy sheriff.

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