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Mary stood at the foot of the cross while Jesus died.

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Yes, Mary was there when Jesus died on the cross.

Bernard Mary of Jesus died on 1911-12-09.

Jesus made sure that His friend and disciple John would care for Mary after He died.

NO ... John the Baptist died before Jesus. The Virgin Mary went with the Apostle John to Ephesus.

None. A few days after Jesus died, Mary just rose into heaven. Kind of like transporting.

Mary Maggdiline was the one whom wiped jesus' face before he died. This is not his mother mary it was another mary. Mary Mag. and His moter mary were friends.

John the apostle took Mary home with him after Jesus died. While Jesus was on the cross, he told John to behold his mother, and told Mary to behold her son.

yes she was at his side the night he died.

He spoke to the disciples and mary.

Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus died on 1791-10-07.

I believe he died when Jesus was younger, so Mary was thus a widow

Jesus' mother Mary was present at the crucifixion.

Mary was not the actual biological mother of John the Apostle but was the biological mother of Jesus. Mary became the mother of John when they stood at the foot of the cross. Before he died, Jesus told Mary "Behold thy son" and to John "Behold thy mother." Jesus wanted to be sure that his mother would be taken care of when he died.

God the Father has always lived in heaven. Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ, lived in Nazareth untill Jesus started His ministry. We do not know where Mary lived after Jesus died. Jesus went to live in Heaven with God the Father after He left earth.

she was at the cross. watching him die.

His mother Mary and John his disciple

Jesus only died for 3 days. It doesnt say but she was proberly at her sisters house or her own house.

Mary was Jesus' mother.

When Jesus was on the cross and just before he died, he told the Apostle John that he was now her son and she was his mother. Jesus was telling John to take care of his mother. Mary also had other children but Jesus made a point of telling John to care for her.

Mary is the mother of Jesus

Very much so! As the Bible dose State: Jesus died a virgin! GOD its always first in Jesus life!

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