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Where was Michael Jacksons thriller filmed?


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The filming locations of Michael Jackson's Thriller are as follows: The Palace Theater 630 S. Broadway Los Angeles is the theater seen in the opening sequence of the video when Michael and his date (Ola Ray) are watching the Horror film. The exterior of the Palace Theater is almost identical to the way it was in 1983. The outdoor main street dance sequence was filmed at 3701 East Union Pacific Avenue in Los Angeles, just outside the City of Commerce. The highly industrial area has seen little to no advance or development since the filming of Thriller and looks identical to the way it did in 1983. Please be advised, this area is not the safest part of Los Angeles and extreme caution should be taken if you visit it at night. Contrary to rumors, the cemetery scenes of Thriller were actually filmed on a soundstage and not at an actual cemetery. This fact is clearly proven by watching the DVD release of Thriller. During the wide-shot of the cemetery set as Michael and Ola walk past, various lighting and rigs can be seen over head. Again, the cemetery sequence was NOT filmed in a real cemetery.

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