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Chicago's O'Henry's Hamburgersi thought i was the only one who remembered henrys. they were located on western ave right behind riverview near belmont ave. they kinda got lost when the city built the overpass. there is a used car lot there now. i understand they had some other locations too. i still thing they were better than mcdonalds. btw, the only place i have found that has a pickle that tastes like henrys is at father & son Pizza.

Don't know about O'Henry's, but in the early 60's there were some Henry's hamburger stands. As I remember they mixed the catsup and mustard to produce their sauce. They may have added something else, but the popularity of McDonald's did them in.

I do recall an O'Henry's Hamburgers situated on Western Ave. just east of Route 30 in the early to mid 1960s, in Park Forest. It occupied a location just north of Illinois St. and ironically was situated near a McDonald's. My dad used ot take us there.

There was a Henry's Hanburgers on Skokie Blvd. and Golf Road. It was on the Southeast corner. Behind it was an amusement park with the Wild Mouse. Right now, the Doubletree Hotel stands there.

There was an O'Henrys on Western and Foster on the NW side of the corner in the late 60's

There was also a Henry's at Fullerton and Central Avenues across the street from Hansen Stadium. I worked there. 1962

My dad grew up on the South Side in Slag Valley on Commercial Ave. He said he remembers O'Henry's hamburger stand on 95th and Jeffery Ave on the Southwest Corner.

I remember when there was one by Riverview---but I was from Waukegan, Ill and I would go to one on Washington Street and Lewis Ave.- Across the street from EDI Electronics --I would go there after school--they had the best $. 25 burgers--I was told they were horse meat. The USA did at one time use horse meat for burgers. When I talk about O'Henrys no one remembers this place, but I do.

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There was one right in front of Wrigley Field in Chicago. The structure was there until they tore it down to expand the outside area. Probably closed in the 70’s Building was empty for many years and used as some kind of storage. We used to grab a bag full and go watch the Cubs game.

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Q: Where was O'Henry's hamburger stand located in Chicago?
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