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Where was Papendorf Prussia located?

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PapendorfI have found two places in North Germany called Papendorf. One is near Warnow, the other near Pasewalk. Both are in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommen (MVP). The second is very close to the border with the state of Brandenburg, which was the heartland of Prussia.

There may be other places in Germany called Papendorf, including some in territory transferred to Poland and the Soviet Union in 1945.

PS. I see that Pasewalk was in Prussia from 1720-1947, when Prussia was dissolved. It was first annexed by Brandenburg in 1676.

Another alternative that should be checked out, or at least given some consideration, is created by adding a second P to create Pappendorf in the current state if Sachen. You can locate it by drawing a line between Leipzig and Dresden, and a second line due South of Berlin. The intersection is Pappendorf.

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Where was Prussia located?

Prussia was located in what is now the area covered by Eastern Germany and Western Poland on the Baltic Sea coast.

When did Prussia become Prussia?

Prussia began as a small duchy in 1525, and later unified with the German state of Brandenburg (where Berlin is located.) a few decades later. Thus, the German state of Prussia was born.

What was unusual about the territory of prussia as it existed in 1865?

The territory of Prussia in 1865 was unusual in that there was no unity to it. The areas were separated from each other and located all over.

Where is a bare minerals store in Pennsylvania?

There is one located in the King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia.

Where is the Upper Merion Township Library in King Of Prussia located?

The address of the Upper Merion Township Library is: 175 W Valley Forge Rd, King Of Prussia, 19406 1800

Where was Berlin located?

Historically, Berlin was located in Brandenburg as its capital. As time went on, it replaced Konigsburg as the capital of Prussia. Now it is the capital of Germany, located in the northeast of the country.

Where was Prussia?

The north central part of Europe present day north Germany and Poland.Prussia was located in what is now the area covered by Eastern Germany and Western Poland on the Baltic Sea coast.

Did the junkers controlled the government of prussia?

yes the junkers controlled prussia yes the junkers controlled prussia yes the junkers controlled prussia yes the junkers controlled prussia

What is the capital of east Prussia?

East Prussia was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1773 to 1829. Konigsberg was the capital city of East Prussia.

Was prussia ever part of russia?

Usually not. However, during the Seven Years' War a part of Prussia briefly became Russian from 1758 until 1763. After World War 2 a part of Prussia became Russian again. This "Russian Prussia" is called Kaliningrad Oblast. The other parts of (Old Baltic) Prussia are now part of Poland and Lithuania. Prussia has two meanings: The (German) Kingdom of Prussia on one hand and Old/Baltic Prussia on the other hand. The Kingdom of Prussia got its name from the original Baltic Prussia (in Old Prussian language it is called "Prūsa"). The original Baltic Prussia was the easternmost province of the Kingdom of Prussia. That Province of Prussia inside the Kingdom of Prussia was most of the time parted into East Prussia and West Prussia.

What did Fredrick the great of Prussia do?

He westernized prussia

What country became vessel to Prussia?


When was Prussia created?

Prussia was created in 1525.

What were the names of Frederick the Great's siblings?

his sisters are Princess Louise of Prussia, Louisa Ulrika of Prussia, Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia, Wilhelmine of Prussia, Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, and his brother is Prince Henry of Prussia.

Who won the Franco-Prussia war?


Who was the Noble landlords in Brandenburg-Prussia?


Who founded Prussia?

Prussia originated as the Teutonic Knights.

Noble landlords in Brandenburg-Prussia?


Which was the national animal of Prussia?

The national animal of Prussia is the lion.

When did Prussia cease to exist?

Prussia was officially dissolved in 1947.

Did Napoleon invade Prussia?

Prussia lost to France in 1806.

When was Kingdom of Prussia created?

Kingdom of Prussia was created in 1701.

When was In the King of Prussia created?

In the King of Prussia was created in 1982.

When did prussia invade France?

prussia invaded France in 1870

What year did Prussia end?

Prussia dissolved in 1947 after WWII.