Where was Papendorf Prussia located?


I have found two places in North Germany called Papendorf. One is near Warnow, the other near Pasewalk. Both are in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommen (MVP). The second is very close to the border with the state of Brandenburg, which was the heartland of Prussia.

There may be other places in Germany called Papendorf, including some in territory transferred to Poland and the Soviet Union in 1945.

PS. I see that Pasewalk was in Prussia from 1720-1947, when Prussia was dissolved. It was first annexed by Brandenburg in 1676.

Another alternative that should be checked out, or at least given some consideration, is created by adding a second P to create Pappendorf in the current state if Sachen. You can locate it by drawing a line between Leipzig and Dresden, and a second line due South of Berlin. The intersection is Pappendorf.