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Q: Where was Tombstone movie made?
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When was the first Tombstone movie made?


What year was the Tombstone movie with Kurt Russell made?


Was tombstone movie shot in tombstone Arizona?


Who starred in the movie tombstone?

Kurt Russell starred as Wyatt Earp in the 1993 movie "Tombstone". Val Kilmer played his best friend Doc Holiday. A similar movie was made in 1994 entitled "Wyatt Earp" which starred Kevin Costner. but they were quite different movies, in perspective, and "Tombstone" was a much bigger hit at the box office.

What movie did the phrase I am your huckleberry' come from?


Gunfight at the ok corral the movie?


What movie did john Wayne make in tombstone?

big bag

Who played Virgil Earp in the movie Tombstone?


Who portrays Doc Holliday in the movie 'Tombstone'?

Val Kilmer.

Who was Wyatt Earp's friend in the movie Tombstone?

Doc Holliday.

Who were the actors in the movie tombstone?

kurt russel sam elliot

In the movie Tombstone was cause it to boom?

In the movie as in real life, it was silver. The economy of Tombstone was based on mining, and a rich silver strike turned it into a boom town. When the silver was played out, Tombstone became a ghost town (complete with ghosts by some accounts).

What color sashes did the Wild Bunch wear in the movie Tombstone?

They were red .

Why does your Tombstone pizza curl?

Tombstone pizzas curl when cooked in the oven because to crust is made with 50% recycled ruberbands.

What do Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo say to each other in Latin in the movie Tombstone?

what did johney Ringo and doc holliday say to each other in latin in the movie tombstone but tell me in English

Did w c fields play in the movie tombstone?

No. He never starred in a film with the word Tombstone in the title. W. C. Fields died in 1946.

Where can you find pictures of the dresses worn in the movie tombstone?

noob. use Google.

What are the release dates for CMT 1 Music and a Movie - 2009 CMT 1 Music and a Movie Tombstone 3-11?

CMT 1 Music and a Movie - 2009 CMT 1 Music and a Movie Tombstone 3-11 was released on: USA: 18 June 2011

What brand name cowboy boot did Kurt Russell wear in Tombstone movie?


What are the gross earnings for the movie tombstone?

The 1993 Western grossed $56 million in the US.

In the movie Tombstone what does the ending mean?

It means that Wyatt and Josie get to live happy ever after

What movies has catherin hardwick directed?

As far as I know the first movie was... Tombstone in 1995!

Was the mustache in the Movie tombstone worn by Kurt Russell his own?

Yes it was his real moustache.

What are the words on DrKings tombstone?

"this is my tombstone"

What does the R stand for on Kirk's tombstone in Where No Man Has Gone Before?

nothing. it was just a continuity error, or a guess bye the person who made the tombstone, at his middle name....