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Windmiller's was located at 3609 West Belmont. I did not find a close date/year, but here is a link that is pretty interesting (and where I found the location). Chicago.urban-history.org

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When did Hills department stores close for good?

our hills dept store closed in feb 1999and ames opened in April of the same year ashtabula store

Who Are The Heage Windmillers?

The Heage Windmillers are a dance group set in Belper/Heage. We do Irish, clog Maypole, Morris and other types of traditional dances. They're different variations of ages from age 6-60

What does dept mean?

'Dept' is the short form for 'department' -a part of a large store or business.

What time does the walmart jewelry department close?

What time does jewelry dept. Close at wallmart

How do you find the songs from macy's dept store?

easy... go to the Macy's Department store!

Celadon Dept store Pokemon FireRed?

This is a very large store that is placed in celadon city.

Where to get Blizzard in Pokemon HeartGold?

Buy it at the Goldenrod Dept. store.

Pokemon diamond where is dept store?

Its in Veilstone above the pokemart.

History of alexander's dept store nyc?

new York city Alexander department store history

Where can you find a leaf stone on ruby?

Buy it from the lilycove dept. Store :)

Where is the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Red?

You can buy it in Celadon Dept. store.

Poke mon FireRed where to get drinks?

on top of the Celadon Dept. Store

Where to get solar beam in diamond?

you can buy it on the 3rd floor of the dept store

Where do you Get Return in Pokemon HeartGold?

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Is Target Department store owned by a US Senator?

The only dept store owned by a U.S. Senator is Kohl's Dept Stores, which is owned and operated by Wisconsin Senator, Herb Kohl. Eric Brock

How do you use the word dept in a sentence?

In regular school writing, you should write out the word department, and not use the shortened form. In informal writing: The college student reported to the Counseling Dept. The dept. head was elderly. I went to the dept. store, but it was closed.

Arrested for 2nd degree theft at a department store but did not leave the store?

You apparently concealed an item, shoplifting could be another name. In a dept store, each dept has a cashiers station to pay for any purchase. If you had concealed an item - leaving that dept., there is no need to wait for you to leave the building. Passing the register in that dept or the last availabe register before exit is all that is required to made a stop of any person in question of concealing mdse.

Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy them at the celadon city dept store.

Where is the move deliter in emerald?

He is in lilycove city his house is next to the dept store.

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