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Yung Joc was born at College Park, Georgia.

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Q: Where was Yung Joc born?
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When was Yung Joc born?

Yung Joc was born on April 2, 1983.

What is Yung Joc's birthday?

Yung Joc was born on April 2, 1983.

Is Yung Joc still young?

Yung Joc (Jasiel Robinson) was born April 2, 1983 so into his twenties, not exactly young.

What nicknames does Yung Joc go by?

Yung Joc goes by ATL's Most Wanted.

How old is young joc?

Yung Joc is 27 years old. He was born on April 2, 1983

How many children does yung joc have?

Yung Joc has 8 children by 4 different women.

How old is Yung Joc?

Yung Joc (Jasiel Robinson) is 34 years old (birthdate: April 2, 1983).

What do i have to do to become an attourney?

yung joc

How tall is yung joc?

he is 6' 2"

Does yung joc have any kids?


How many siblings does yung joc have?


Where can one find free Yung Joc music?

One can find free Yung Joc music on Youtube. Youtube is a free video site for any videos from music to sporting events. Any song you can think of by Yung Joc can be found on this website.

T-Pain's single Buy U a Drank features which artist?

Yung Joc Yung Joc is often thought to be related to Young Jeezy, but he is not.

What is the birth name of Yung Joc?

Yung Joc's birth name is Jasiel Robinson.

Where does yung joc live?

College park Atlanta

Famous person that starts with a Y?

Yung Joc

Is gorilla Zoe and yung joc brothers?


Who is Yung Joc?

Young Joc's real name is...Jasiel Robinson.

Who is the girl in trey songz video gotta go?

yung joc

Who sings buy you a drank?

T pain ft yung joc

What is Yung Joc's official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for Yung Joc is not known at this time.

Who is Yung Joc dating?

He is actually married to a girl named Jasmine Bullock.

Is yung joc a blood?

no i do not think he was involed with bloods but i think he was involed with the crips

What is the song that Andie dances to in the audition?

Killa - Cherish ft. Yung Joc

What is the song used for the final dance in Step Up 1?

Bout it- Yung Joc