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Where was the 1st personal computer made?

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the first original computer was made in Britain

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No, but they popularized the personal computer and made it available to the masses.

the computer that made personal computing legitimate in business and industry was the __.

the person who invented the 1st personal computer was Steve wozniak. he invented the apple computer.

Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).

i want to know how did they made personal computers!!!They take off-the-shelve parts and mount them in a case.

Charles Babbage was the 1st founder of the of Analytical computer....

AnswerCharles Babbage

The different types of computer are: *Personal Computer *Laptop *Mini Computer *Mainframe computer *Server Computer The 1st ever computer is the Abacus

A personal computer is interactive and 'useful'.A personal computer is dedicated and 'user-friendly. A personal computer is co-operativ A personal computer is accessible. =]

The first personal computer that fits today's standard (ready to go right out of the box) would be the Apple II. It was released in 1977. Earlier personal computers required assembly.

A Mac PC is a Macintosh Personal Computer. The Macintosh computer is made by Apple.

Personal computer (PC) is a computer that someone owns at there home. A computer that is not personal is owned by a business.

around 1938 or 1940ish

According the computer history museum, the earliest commercial personal computer made was the Micral N in 1972, selling about 90,000 units.

Personal computer Personal computer.

When was the first personal computer created?" When was the first personal computer created?"

The difference between desktop computer and personal computer is that desktop computer is for everyone and personal computer is for your own self!

system of computer that is personal

what are the characteristic of personal computer

A Mac computer is a personal computer. The term PC has become synonymous with personal computers running the Windows operating system but any stand alone computer can be described as a personal computer.

They put a bunch of pieces together and made it mechanical.

A Mac, made by Apple is a Personal Computer.

the microprocessor integrated circuit "chip"

a Personal computer can call Microcomputer

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