Where was the Andy Taylor show shot?

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What actor starred as Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith show?

Andy Samuel Griffith played the role of Sheriff Andrew "Andy" Jackson Taylor on "The Andy Griffith Show" .

What religion was Sheriff Taylor?

If you mean Andy Griffith, the man who played Sheriff Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show, he was a Christian. He also played a Christian (Sheriff Andy Taylor) on The Andy Griffith Show.

Who played Andy Griffith?

I think you mean who played Andy Taylor which was Andy Griffith. Andy Griffith played Andy Taylor in the Andy Griffith show.

Why is it called the Andy Griffith show if Andy's last name is Taylor?

Because Andy Griffith was the name of the actor who played Andy Taylor, hence the show was named after the actor, not the character.

Who is Barney's buddy?

Fred (as in Flintstone, from "The Flinstones") or Andy (as in Taylor, from "The Andy Griffith Show).

Who was Ronnie Howard of the Andy Griffith show?

Ronnie Howard starred as Opie taylor, the son of Sheriff Taylor played by Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show Which aired on CBS for eight years 1960-68

What relation was Andy Taylor to barney fife on tv's the Andy Griffith show?


Who is Opie Taylor on the Andy Griffith show?

The character of Opie Taylor was played by Ron Howard .

What happened to Helen on the Andy Griffith Show?

On the show Mayberry RFD, the characters of Helen Crump and Andy Taylor get married and leave Mayberry.

Who was sheriff Andy Taylor deputy on the Andy Griffith show?

Deputy Barney Fife. Played by Don Knotts.

Did Don Knots play on The Andy Griffith Show?

Andy Griffith was the star of the Andy Griffith show with the character name Andy Taylor. Other cast members included Ron (Ronny) Howard as Opie Taylor; Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife; Frances Bavier as Beatrice (Aunt "Bea") Taylor; and later Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle.

What was aunt Bea's full name on the Andy Griffith show?

Beatrice Taylor

When did Helen Crump and Andy Taylor get married?

They did in the first episode of Mayberry RFD, a spin off of the Andy Griffith show.

What are the release dates for The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Goodbye Sheriff Taylor 5-10?

The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Goodbye Sheriff Taylor 5-10 was released on: USA: 23 November 1964

On the Andy Griffith show did Barney fife call Andy Taylor and?

Confusing question. Barney also called Andy "Ange," if that's what's being asked.

Where did Andy Warhol get shot?

Andy Warhol got shot in "the factory."

When was Andy Taylor born?

Andy Taylor was born on February 16, 1961.

Who Were the Dillards on Andy griffin show?

The Darlings were a fictional family hillbilly band who have appeared on The Andy Grifith Show. They lived in the neighboring mountains outside of Mayberry, and they only came to town to seek help when they were in trouble from Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Why did Aneta Corsaut of Andy Griffith Show never marry?

Aneta Corsaut(Helen Crump) and Andy Griffith(Andy Taylor) married on the last show of the series 'Mayberry R. F. D.' which aired on 4/1/68

Where did Opie Taylor get his name?

From Andy Taylor

Who played the younger version of Valerie Solanas in 'I Shot Andy Warhol'?

Valerie Jean Solanas was played by Lili Taylor.

What type of phone did Andy Taylor use on the Andy Griffith show?

The Taylors had the standard dial phone in black, standard Bell phones owned by the company.

When was I Shot Andy Warhol created?

I Shot Andy Warhol was created on 1996-05-01.

Where does Andy Taylor live?

Andy Taylor is an English guitarist, known for his work with rock band Duran Duran. Andy currently resides in England.

Who is the boy who plays on the Andy Griffith show?

Opie Taylor was Andys son. Opie was played by Ron Howard.