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A young artist named Griesel, with the following biography, "Grisel was born and raised in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Her time as a teenager was spent commuting to Hyde Park's Kenwood Academy, where she was an awarded fine artist, and learning from Chicago artists in clubs in Pilsen, Wicker Park and Bucktown. As an adult, she earned a B.A. in journalism and established herself as a journalist at Extra Bilingual Community Newspapers. She earned her master of education degree from The University of Illinois at Chicago, where she taught language arts and research writing to high school students. " wrote the following lyrics to this song: "At the Axel Roller Rink The wheels were spinning, were spinning Breeze hitting our faces tasted of winning, of winning But with all the spinning 'round The dizziness was bound To make us come down, down " Found at website: I have no clue as to what the first so-called answer is supposed to mean. Anyway, The Axel Roller Rink (or Axle) was located in Norridge on Harlem Avenue at about Montrose (4400 N). When viewing from Harlem Ave The Norridge Theater is set far back on the lot to the right and the Axel was close to Harlem and on the left. The building still stands but now houses several retail stores in the front and a childrens Pizza place on the side where the main entrance to the floor used be. There was also an Axel Roller Rink in DesPlaines or Niles just north of Golf Road on Milwaukee Avenue. It was very popular in the mid and Late 1970s and closed sometime in the early 1980s. The building is still there and has housed a SYMS clothing store for more 15 years. It closed in the fall of 1985. The one in Norridge was previously known as the Hub Roller Rink. We used to go there in the 50's for fun on a Friday or Saturday, and to pick up girls. My grandmother and grand uncle taught me to skate at the Norridge location in the very early 1970's. On Thursday Nights they had family skates that were so much fun. It was so colorful and exciting to see the people and skate to the Organ. There was a multi-colored sign that lit up to show what kind if skate it was. (Group, couples, fox-trot, free skate..) The Axel was my favorite place as a kid. The last time I was there I rang in New Years 1984. The years had changed it from a delightful family place of days gone by, to a Disco Haven, but never as much of a Disco Haven as Rainbo became.... The same company, M&R Amusement owned three rinks. All were called The Axle.
In Countryside, on Route 66, just east of LaGrange Road
In Norridge, 4510 N. Harlem. Phone 453-3114 formerly The Hub - for much info on this rink visit the related link
In Niles, on Milwaukee Avenue north of Golf Rd. Phone 297-7030

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Q: Where was the Axel Roller Skating Rink?
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