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Where was the English Revolution?


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== == In Scottland.


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Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution was created in 1965.

If by English Revolution, you mean "the Puritan Revolution and English Civil War," it set the precedent that the common people could oust a monarch who was unresponsive to the needs and demands of the people.

American Revolution and the English Revolution/Civil War... that IS what you were talking about, right?

In the context of the American Revolution, the English were the people who were loyal to King George III of England.

of the English revolution and he attacks the french revolution.

English people invented industrial revolution!

the French revolution started in 1789 after the English revolution and the American war of independence.

The English Revolution is also known as the English Civil War, or Commonwealth period. King Charles I was challenged during this time, which lasted from 1640 to 1660.

The weapon that changed the tide of war in the English revolution was the longbow, which was made of yew wood.

The question is unanswerable unless the particular revolution is specified.

The Glorious Revolution was caused by the birth of an heir of a different religion.

name 2 causes for the English "glorious revolution"

The English Bill of Rights resulted from a revolution usually described by this word the glorious.

the English bill of rightthe English bill of right

The Glorious Revolution was created because of the existence of an heir to the Throne that was a Catholic.

At the time of the Glorious Revolution and the writing of the english Bill of Rights, Americans were very inspired.

In English is March Revolution and in German is Vormärz (pre-march period)

Many different English politicians condemned the French revoltion. One of the most famous ones to do so was Irish-English Edmund Burke, who, having earlier supported the revolution, wrote a book critical of it called Thoughts on the Revolution in France.

The English Revolution of 1688 and better known as the Glorious Revolution is sometimes called a bloodless revolution. Of course it was not a bloodless revolution and there was more then enough death and destruction to go around.

The magna carta,English bill of rights,and the Glorious revolution all played a part in

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