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In Korea More correctly, on the Korean Peninsula. Battles ranged from the outskirts of Pusan on the southern tip of the peninsula to the Yalu River, the border between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China.

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Q: Where was the Korea War fought?
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What war was fought after WW2?


The Korean war was fought between North Korea and who?

and south Korea

What is the difference between Korean War and Vietnam war?

The Korean War was fought in Korea and the Viet Nam War was fought in Viet Nam.

What occurred in the Korean War?

North Korea invaded South Korea. UN Forces fought Communist Forces on the ground and in the air over the skies of Korea. The war was fought to stalemate, ending in an Armistice in 1953.

What two countries fought the Korean war?

Two countries? Over twenty countries were involved in the Korean War! The war was between South Korea and North Korea. The United States, Great Britain, and several other countries fought on the side of South Korea. The Soviet Union (now Russia) and China fought on the side of North Korea.

Where was the russo-japanese war?

Fought in Korea and Chinese territory north of Korea's border.

What was the last war that South Korea fought in?


When you fought in Vietnam war which war was it?

The 2nd war against communism (Korea was the first).

What countries fought each other in Korea in the cold war?

The UN fought North Korea, Red China. The US was part of the UN.

Who fought the Korean War on the side of South Korea?

The United Nations, led primarily by the United States, fought alongside South Korea.

What war was it when the US fought on the side of South Korea against China and North Korea?

The Korean War (Korean Conflict)

What did the rival superpowers do to Korea after World War 2?

they fought there using Korea for a battle ground

What was Korea's reaction to American involvement in the Korean War?

South Korea welcomed us, North Korea fought us.

In the Korean war the US fought on which side?

The US fought on the Allied, or UN side in Korea.

Why was Korean war fought?

it was the result of political division of Korea

Why was the sino-japanese war fought?

Control over Korea.

Why was the Korean War fought on the peninsula?

Because Korea is on a peninsula.

What did the UN do to stop the Korean war?

The UN fought in Korea.

Why was the Korean war fought what was the outcome?

Korean war was fought because the communist forces from North Korea invaded democratic South Korea. The United States on approval of United Nations began to defend the South Korea. The outcome of this war was only the truce on 38th parallel.

Which aspect of the Korean War indicates that it was a part of the Cold War as well as a civil war?

Many of the troops who supported North Korea were Chinese, while many of the troops who fought for South Korea were American.

How is the Cold War different from other wars Ex World War 2 and the Revolutionary War?

The cold war included no actual combat. It was fought with threats of nuclear warfare. Also fought with "proxy" wars. (Vietnam and Korea) The soviets supported North Korea, and the US supported South Korea. These were wars fought between the two countries through other countries.

Who fought the sino Japanese war?

china and japan fought against each other for control of Korea

Similarities between Afghanistan war and Vietnam war?

There are none; The Vietnam War was fought against another nation (North Vietnam); just as Korea was fought against North Korea (and Red China); and WWII was fought against the countries of Germany, Japan and Italy. The US is NOT at war with Afghanistan.

Why US is an enemy of North Korea?

Because of the Korean War. In the 1950s, there was a war between capitalist South Korea and communist North Korea. The U.S. fought in the war on the side of South Korea, so now North Korea blames the U.S. for all its problems.

What countries fought with South Korea?

See website: Korean War