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In Paris by Robert Livingston and James Monroe for the US and Barbe Marbois representing France.

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What president signed Louisiana Purchase?

Thomas Jefferson

Where did the Louisiana purchase take place?

In Paris and it was signed by Robert Livingston

Who signed the Louisiana purchase treaty after they arrived in France?

benjamin franklin

Who was the Louisiana purchase treatly finally was signed after he arrived in France?

James Monroe

When where and by whom was the treaty known as the Louisiana Purchased signed?

The Louisiana Purchase was signed on April 30th 1803 in Paris by Robert Livingston, James Monroe, and Barbé Marbois.

Who were the people involved with the Louisiana Purchase?

Thomas Jefferson was the President when the Louisiana Purchase transaction was negotiated. The people who actually signed the Purchase Treaty were James Monroe, Robert Livingston, and Barbe Marbois.

What year did the US Purchase the Louisiana from France?

The Louisiana Purchase Treaty was signed by Napoleon on April 30, 1803. It reached Washington DC and became official on July 4, 1803.

Where was the treaty known of the Louisiana Purchase first signed?

Paris, France 1802 0r 1803

What was signed to seal the deal of the Louisiana Purchase?

It is referred to simply as the "Louisiana Purchase Treaty". The heading of the actual document simply says "Treaty Between the United States of America and the French Republic".

On what day was The Louisiana Purchase?

The Treaty was dated 30 April 1803 and signed on 2 May 1803.

Where did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory?

The purchase agreement was signed in Paris, France-- France was the seller.

When was the treaty for The Louisiana Purchase signed?

In 1803 for 15 million by Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson hope it helped :)

What country owned US when constitution was signed?

what country owned the Louisiana purchase when the states singed the constitution

Did Thomas Jefferson ever sign a treaty?

He signed the treaty with France to buy the Louisiana Purchase. He may have signed other treaties while he was President.

How do you spell Louisiana Purchase?

Louisiana Purchase.

Where was The Louisiana Purchase treaty signed?

The treaty was signed in late April 1803, in Paris, France. Thomas Jefferson then announced it to the American people on the 4th of July.

What is the name of the event with The Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase

Who was the Louisiana Purchase purchased from?

The Louisiana PurchaseThe United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington

What state did the Louisiana purchase take place?

in the Louisiana purchase

What were the results of the Louisiana Purchase?

When Jefferson was President, Britain and America signed a treaty (signed April 30, 1803) thus making the Louisiana Purchase. The following are the outcomes/results of this treaty:It doubled the size of the USJefferson sent out the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the landGreat Britain and the US signed a treaty settling the territory's northern border

What land was in the Louisiana purchase?

How much it cost of Louisiana purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase costed $50,000,000.

What was purchased in the Louisiana purchase?


What was napoleons involvement in The Louisiana Purchase?

Napoleon's involvement in the Louisiana Purchase was that he SOLD Louisiana to the American colonies.

What year did the Louisiana take place?

I am going to take a wild stab and assume you mean the Louisiana Purchase in which case the answer is the treaty was signed on May 2, 1803. France sold the Louisiana Territory to the US for 15 million dollars.

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