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As with many forms of modern technology, no one person is solely credited as having invented the video camera. However, John Baird, who was from Scotland, was one of the earliest pioneers in capturing moving images for television production.

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Q: Where was the camcorder invented?
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When was the personal camcorder invented?

during the 1900s!!!!asswholes

When was the digital 8 camcorder invented?

The digital 8 camcorder is a product that was introduced by Sony in 1999. These camcorders are available for purchase from sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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An HDTV camcorder is the highest quality consumer camcorder available.

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The first camcorder was invented by Jerome Lemelson in1980. And since that time the first bulky analog video camcorders have evolvedinto the modern digital camcorder, so small they can fit in the palm ofyour hand, and so clear they rival even professional broadcast video cameras.

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camcoder was invented by Jerome Lemelson. he worked hard and made more than 500 recording devices in his life span. in 1980 he got his patent of camcoder.

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