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Richmond, Virgina. However when the Confederacy was first created, Montgomery, Alabama, became the capitol on February 4th, 1861. However, Virginia Joined the Confederacy, and the capitol was moved to Richmond on May 23rd, 1861 by provisional Confederate President Jefferson Davis, where it remained until it came under Federal control, at which point the Confederate government relocated to Danville, VA in 1865 under pressure of the encroaching Northern army.

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Q: Where was the capital of the Confederacy in the US Civil War?
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What was the capital of the Confederacy during the US Civil War?

Richmond, VAThe Confederate capital during the civil war was Richmond Virginia. In the unions plan "Anaconda Plan", one was to capture the capital of the confederacy

Civil war time where was capitol of US.?

The US capital was where it still is today- Washington DC. Washington DC has been the capital since 1800. The capital of the Confederacy was briefly in Montgomery, Alabama, but early in the Civil War it moved to Richmond, Virginia, where it remained until the end of the Confederacy.

Who was the president and the capital in the south during the US Civil War?

The president of the confederacy (south) was Jefferson Davis. The capital was Richmont, Virginia.

What was the confederacy in US after civil war?


Where were most of the battles in the US Civil War?

Most of the battles in the US Civil War took place in the Confederacy.

What was another name for the South in the US Civil War?


Who led the Confederacy during the US Civil War?

Jefferson Davis

What was the capital of the US during the civil war?

The capital of the US. during the Civil War remained Washington DC, just as it was during the outset of the war. However, Abraham Lincoln had to declare martial law in Maryland to prevent the state from seceding and joining the Confederacy. That would have left his capital surrounded by hostile territory and probably would have forced the US. government to relocate.

What side was the grey in the Civil War?

In the US Civil War, the uniform of the Confederacy was gray, and the uniform of the Union was blue.

Who were the presidents of the Union and Confederacy in the US Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln for the Union; Jefferson Davis for the Confederacy

How much money did the Confederacy spend towards the US Civil War?

As per the above, the Confederacy spent one billion dollars fighting the US Civil War.

Where was the Southern capital city during the US Civil War?

The Southern capital of the Confederacy was originally in Montgomery, Alabama. Soon after the conflict began between The North and the South, the capital was moved to Richmond, Virginia.

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