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Westchester hills

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Q: Where was the cemetery scene in Spider-Man one filmed?
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Where is The Italian Job filmed?

Well, I only know one scene, remember the part when they are in the tunnel? that was filmed in Coventry in England, I went to the museum where the set was kept!

Where can one watch a video of Spiderman online?

One can watch a video of Spiderman many places online. Many episodes of the old Spiderman cartoon have been uploaded to Youtube. In addition, one can watch the Spiderman movies on places such as Netflix and Putlocker.

Where was American Honey video filmed?

If your referring to the movie 'Honey' with Jessica Alba according to Wikipedia it was filmed in Toronto. I recognized one the scene from a place in downtown Toronto. So guess it's true.

Where was the movie Year One filmed?

The movie was filmed mostly in Sibley and Doyline, Louisiana line. Those parts have sand dunes and close to a railroad track, hint the train at the end of the movie and as a deleted scene.

How did the cast of the poltergeist die?

apparantly in one scene they used actual skeletons that were buried in a cemetery, it was known OS the poltergeist curse, each cast member had passed away one by one, that's what i believe

Where can one purchase Spiderman slippers?

There are numerous places to purchase Spiderman slippers. One could look in local store like Walmart, or online at websites like eBay and Amazon for Spiderman slippers..

What water park was the scene filmed at in the movie grown ups?

Water Wizz My cousin was in that movie. Hes the first one on the Water Wizz scene coming down the down the slide right after it zooms out.

When is the spectacular Spider-Man coming out?

if you mean the show, it ended a few years ago, but if you mean the comic, i dont think there is one.... theres the amazing spiderman and the web of spiderman... uncanny spiderman and ultimate spiderman but thus far i am unaware of a spectacular spiderman comic, the movie is the amazing spiderman and that comes out next summer

How does Spider-Man get his name?

Spiderman got his name in the movie Spiderman because he was entering a wrestling match.Peter thought of the name "The Human Spiderman. But the host came up with a better name the one you know and love"Spiderman"!

Where can one watch a video of the kiss scene in The Notebook?

YouTube contains many different video clips of the kissing scene between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosslin in the movie The Notebook. This American romance drama was filmed in 2004.

Will there be a spiderman 4 movie?

One was going to be filmed and ready for release on May 6, 2011- but it got scrapped and now a reboot is planned which is supposed to be released on July 3, 2012. A new actor is currently being decided for the new series.

Where is the latest Clarks shoes advertisement filmed Is it Venice?

It's Lisbon, Portugal - you can see a shot of the Eiffel Elevator in one scene. It looks like Malta to me, in parts?

Where was the movie Shenandoah filmed?

I cannot say where the entire film was shot, however, on the DVD jacket from the Universal Screen Ledgends Collection for James Stewart (printed 2007) it states "300 local Oregon citizens were hired as extras, earning $15.00 per day to play Union and Confederate solders in the climatic battle scene." It seems at least one scene was filmed in Oregon.

Who is blackcat in Spider-Man?

Black cat is a improved cat burlgler in amazing spiderman #194 who tries to break out her father the cat out of prison then comes across spiderman and seemingly dies but then comes back to life and becomes interested in spiderman and becomes her lover she is one of the few people spiderman tells her his secret identity to one of the problems they have is the black cat is in love with spiderman and not peter Parker it is a weird relationship you can understand it more by reading amazing spiderman #606 and #607 and the mini series "The Evil Men Do"

What location was talladega nights filmed?

The Superspeedway track was 3366 Speedway Boulevard, Talladega, Alabama, USA

What do you call a full cemetery?

It is still a cemetery, they all fill up in time. Quite often they build a new one and refer to the full one as the old cemetery.An old cemetery.

Where can one get a Spiderman tattoo?

There are many places one might go to get a Spiderman tattoo. In addition to one's local tattoo parlor, one might purchase a temporary tattoo online from many different retailers.

What is the name of one of thors sidekicks?


What city was the the movie It's a Wonderful Life filmed in?

Most scenes are filmed on the backlot of the movie studio. There was a actually a heat wave in California on the time. One scene where this is evident is when George is crying on the bridge. You can see just how much Jimmy Stewart is sweating because he is so hot.

Where can one watch Spiderman videos?

Spiderman videos can be watched from a variety of sources online. Youtube carries a large number of Spiderman clips from the animated series as well as the films, and you can watch the films from subscription services such as Netflix.

Which prison was the escapist filmed in?

A lot of the film was shot in Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin but one scene near the end was shot in a chamber beneath Tower Bridge known as the bascule chamber.

When did the first Spider-Man cartoon come out?

The first Spiderman cartoon came out in August 1962 in the comic "Amazing Fantasy #15". Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes.

What is PCP effects?

Like spiderman and the hulk in one

DOES actors go all over the world to get filmed?

It depends because if you are filming in one place for the entire movie then no. But if the move takes place in France for example, And then theres a scene in LA then they do have to travel.

Does spiderman die in spiderman 4?

No- because it is never going to be made. The series with Tobey Maguire has now ended and the next movie will be the start of a new one.