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Where was the constitution written?

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The U.S. Constitution was written is the same Pennsylvania State House where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where George Washington received his commission as Commander of the Continental Army. Now called Independence Hall, the building still stands today on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, directly across from the National Constitution Center.
the Pennsylvania State House

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Does France have a written constitution?

Yes France has a written constitution. The French Constitution was written in 1791 and is modeled after the US Constitution.

Which country has the lengthiest written constitution?

Constitution Of India has the lengthiest written constitution.

Constitution written in Connecticut?

the constitution was written in Pennsylvania

Does libya have a written constitution?

No. But it will have a written constitution after 2013.

What is the city where the Constitution was written?

The Constitution was written in Philadelphia.

What are the merits of a written constitution?

a written constitution is certain,definite and distinct.thus,is not easy to violate a written constitution by the government

What is a written plan of government?

constitutionDemocracya written plan of governmentconstitutionConstitution.

Was the US Constitution written in 1776?

The United States constitution was not written in 1776. The Constitution was written in 1787 after the declaration of independence was written in 1776.

What is a written change in the constitution?

A written change in the Constitution is an amendment.

Who was the constitution written for?

The US Constitution was written for the people of the US. It is written for the people by the people

Where was the constitution made?

The Constitution was written in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was written.

Why was the preamble of the constitution written?

it was written to tell the reason for writing the constitution

What section of the Constitution states why it was written?

The Preamble of the Constitution states why it was written.

Does the Denmark government have a written constitution?

The Kingdom of Denmark has a written constitution.

What year was the US Constitution was written in?

The US Constitution was written in 1787.

Which is the only country that does not have a written constitution?

There are many countries that do not have a written constitution

What year was the California Constitution written?

AnswerThe original California Constitution was written in 1849. The current constitution was drafted in 1879.

What are the features of the constitution of Ghana?

they are: written constitution, unwritten constitution, flexible constitution and rigid constitution.

For who was the constitution written?

the constitution was written for the savety of th citizens of the united state.

When was our current constitution written?

The Constitution was written between May and September of 1787

What are examples of sentences that starts with do and does?

Do the Germans have a written constitution? Does France have a written constitution?

When was Maine's Constitution written?

Date Maine Constitution was Written 1819-1820

Was the Constitution written in the year 1776?

what year was the united states constitution written

What part of the constitution discusses why it was written?

The Preamble of the US Constitution discusses why it was written.

What type of pen was the constitution written in?

The US constitution was written with a quill pen.