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Where was the defeat that ended Spanish resistance in Cuba?


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the us navy defeated the spanich fleet in santiago harbor.


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Spanish rule in Cuba ended on January 1, 1899.

Cuba is the Spanish word for Cuba.

Since Cuba is a Spanish-speaking country, Cuba in Spanish is just Cuba. However, it is pronounced like "Cooba".

Yes, such was part of the treaty which ended the Spanish-American War.

The US was given control of Cuba in 1898 by the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish-American War. The treaty put the United States in total control of Cuba and the US took over military possession of the nation from January 1 1899 until May 20 1902, when the US possession of Cuba ended.

The battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba helped the U.S. defeat spain.

Cuba was a Spanish Territory until the Spanish American War.

Cuba became a Spanish colony in 1511 when the first Spanish settlement was founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar at Baracoa. The Spanish rule ended in 1898 following an American invasion provoked by the sinking of the battleship "Maine" at the beginning of that very same year.

There is no Spanish stronghold in Cuba. There is an American base - Guantanamo Bay.

In the Philippines, the Philippine American War began, but the other islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico) were relatively tranquil. The loss of Cuba and Puerto Rico effectively ended 4 centuries of Spanish colonialism in the Americas.

Why did the spanish choose to leave florida and live in cuba

Cuba provided a perfect rest stop for the spanish expeditions.

Your question does not make much sense since everything in Cuba is Spanish.

Cuba is a Spanish speaking country because it was a Spanish colony.

Cuba was a Spanish Colony. When Spain lost the Spanish-American War, they lost Cuba.

Vivo en Cuba= I live in Cuba He/she lives in Cuba - Vive en Cuba.

umm well the spanish was Spain. so Spain claimed cuba.

In Cuba, the word for goodbye in Spanish is 'adios'. Another word used by Cubans for goodbye is 'chao'. Cuba is a Spanish speaking country.

Called by aborigine cubanacan, by spanish conquered first centuries la hispañola...... Then cuba at the end of spanish colonialism..

Captaincy General of Cuba ended in 1897.

Cuba was a territory of Spain until the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898. The war was betweein the U.S.and Spain not the U.S. and Cuba.

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