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the us navy defeated the spanich fleet in santiago harbor.

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Q: Where was the defeat that ended Spanish resistance in Cuba?
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Related questions

When did Spanish rule in Cuba end?

Spanish rule in Cuba ended on January 1, 1899.

Did the Spanish resistance in Cuba end when the Spanish fleet sunk in Manila Bay?

santiago harbor

In 1983 the US Marines invaded the island of Grenada to defeat resistance forces from which country?


What is the Spanish word for Cuba?

Cuba is the Spanish word for Cuba.

When did the us get Cuba?

The US was given control of Cuba in 1898 by the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish-American War. The treaty put the United States in total control of Cuba and the US took over military possession of the nation from January 1 1899 until May 20 1902, when the US possession of Cuba ended.

What is the Spanish for Cuba?

Since Cuba is a Spanish-speaking country, Cuba in Spanish is just Cuba. However, it is pronounced like "Cooba".

What ended the Spanish-American War and gave the US Cuba Puerto Rico and the Philippines?

The 1898 Treaty of Paris.

Did Cuba and Guam and the Philippines become American protectorates?

Yes, such was part of the treaty which ended the Spanish-American War.

When did cuba become a colony?

Cuba became a Spanish colony in 1511 when the first Spanish settlement was founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar at Baracoa. The Spanish rule ended in 1898 following an American invasion provoked by the sinking of the battleship "Maine" at the beginning of that very same year.

What happened after the Spanish-American War?

In the Philippines, the Philippine American War began, but the other islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico) were relatively tranquil. The loss of Cuba and Puerto Rico effectively ended 4 centuries of Spanish colonialism in the Americas.

Cuba was controlled by what during the Spanish American War?

Cuba was a Spanish Colony.

Was Spain in Cuba?

Cuba was a Spanish Territory until the Spanish American War.

How do you spell Cuba in Spanish?


Which territory gained limited independence after the Spanish American War?

Cuba gained limited independence after the Spanish American War

Why was the US in Cuba during the Spanish American war?

To eject the Spanish Army from Cuba.

Where is the spanish stronghold in Cuba?

There is no Spanish stronghold in Cuba. There is an American base - Guantanamo Bay.

What war was the cause of Spain losing control of Cuba?

Cuba was a Spanish Colony. When Spain lost the Spanish-American War, they lost Cuba.

Is Cuba a french speaking country?

Cuba is a Spanish speaking country because it was a Spanish colony.

Why did the Spanish leave Florida to go to Cuba?

Why did the spanish choose to leave florida and live in cuba

How was the island of Cuba used by the spanish?

Cuba provided a perfect rest stop for the spanish expeditions.

What are the Spanish places in Cuba?

Your question does not make much sense since everything in Cuba is Spanish.

What was the name of the Spanish stronghold in Cuba during the Spanish-American War?

Santiago de Cuba.

What battle in Cuba helped the us defeat Spain?

The battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba helped the U.S. defeat spain.

Where was Theodore roosevelts famous victory in the spanish American war?


Did Spain hold on to Cuba and Puerto Rico until Spanish-American War ended in the 19th century?

They were transferred to the US in the 1898 Treaty of Paris with Cuba gaining almost immediate Independence with certain US mandated provisos.