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Where was the first NCAA Basketball Tournament?


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Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

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The first national basketball tournament was the National Invitational Tournament, the NIT. It preceded the start of the NCAA tourney. The first year of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was 1939.

the first womens basketball tournament was in 1905

The first NCAA Basketball Tournament was held in 1939.

The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1948.

UNC was a number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

No, Illinois has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

The NCAA Basketball season ends when the end of the year March Madness tournament is over. This tournament usually ends around the first week in April.

Syracuse beat Kansas 81-78 to win the 2003 NCAA men's basketball tournament, marking the school's first tournament crown.

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament went to 64 teams in 1985.

Michigan was a #3 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in 1989.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player was created in 1939.

The NCAA basketball tournament

At Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois

Duke beat Butler in the Men's NCAA Tournament. UCONN beat Stanford in the Women's NCAA Tournament.

Wake Forest was a number 4 seed in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Syracuse has appeared in the the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament 32 times.

Florida has won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament twice, in 2006 & 2007.

The Michigan Wolverines defeated Seton Hall to win the 1989 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

The original NCAA Division 1 College Basketball Tournament 1939 field consisted of 8 teams.

there are so many player in NCAA,who are u talking about.

The NCAA basketball tournament, commonly referred to as "March Madness," started on March 17 this year and will end on April 8. The NCAA basketball tournament typically goes from about the second week of March until the first week of April. The exact dates vary from year to year.

The winner (and loser) of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament will have played 6 games in the tournament.

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