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Where was the first light bulb created?

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The Edison Labs in Menlo Park, New Jersey, is where hundreds of filaments were tested before Edison rolled out the tungsten filament light bulb.

Thomas Edison, in his Ohio laboratory.

Wrong I'm afraid, Swan invented it 10 years before Edison in Britain.

CommentUnfortunately, Swan (and Davey, before him) didn't patent his invention and, so, credit must go to Edison who not only took out the patent on the incandescent lamp but also found a way of significantly improving the life of the lamps' filaments.
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When was the light bulb created?

During the 18th n 19th century, (the industrial revolution)

When was the first light bulb created?

lightbulb was created in january 27 1880

Who really created the first light bulb?

thomas Edison did

Who first created light?

The bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.

Who created the florescent light bulb?

"The one who created the florescent light bulb is Thomas Edison." That is wrong. Edison was the first person to invent a practical incandescent light bulb that lasted more than a few weeks.

Where was the first light bulb used?

where was the first light bulb used

Does Edison's light bulb still burn in Smithsonian?

the first light bulb was created over 200 years ago but sadly the light bulb stopped working when a stanger took the light bulb from the museum 20 years ago.

What was invented first telephone or light bulb?

light bulb

What came first the light bulb or the telephone?

Light bulb

Who patented the first light bulb?

Thomas Edison was the who pateneted the first light bulb

When was the fluorescent light bulb created?

The fluorescent light bulb was introduced in 1938.

What did Thomas eidson invented?

it is pronouced Thomas Edison he created the light bulb but supposovley a European guy did right after him but he invented the first ever light bulb

What was the very first light bulb EVER made out of?

The first light bulb was created using carbon. It wasn't even a bulb. Edison made a more practical carbon filament. Tungsten wasn't used until 1910.

What was invented first the telephone the light bulb or the microwave?

light bulb

Who was the man who made the light bulb?

The light bulb was created by Thomas Alva Edison.

Who invented the first light bulb in 1880?

Joseph Wilson Swan had invented the first light bulb in england, as Thomas Edison was invented the light bulb in America.

How do you invent the light bulb?

Lol you cant invent the light bulb .It was already invented . Did you know that Thomas eddison did not invent the first eletirc light bulb but the first incandesent light bulb . It took him alought of research and work to invent ithe light bulb though .

What year did he invent the light bulb?

Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb that was available for commercial use in 1879. The light bulb was first used in Menlo Park.

How long did the first light bulb stay lit?

The first light bulb ever lit was about 48 hours

When did Thomas Edison make the first good light bulb?

He made the first light bulb in 1879 in Florida

Who created the first light bulb?

The creator of the first working light bulb was Joseph Wilson Swan. Swan's house was the first place in the world to be lit by a light bulb (and hydroelectric power). He patented the light bulb in England. Thomas Alva Edison improved Swan's light bulb by using a better incandescent material and a higher vacuum and patented it in the US. Rather than fighting for the ownership of the patent, Swan and Edison formed the Edison & Swan United Electric Light Company.

When did Edison introduce the light bulb?

in 1856 Edison made the first light bulb :]

What year was the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison?

The light bulb was created in 1882 by Thomas Edison.

Which came first the telephone or the electric light bulb?

The electric light bulb came first but was patented later that the telephone was.

Who made the frit light bulb?

Typo: Who made the (First) light bulb? The first light bulb ever created was by Humphry Davy (Englishman) in 1809. Thomas Alva Edison made the bulb better in 1875. Most of us have heard of Thomas, but not many have heard that Humphry was the original creator, but if it weren't for him, we would not have had much good technology.

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