Where was the game halo made?


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Kirkland, Washington, USA

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the firt halo game was made in 2001

Yes. Halo ODST is the new Halo game.

Halo: Combat Evolved was the first Halo game made. The new Halo Wars is a prequel of Halo 1.

Sony never has made a Halo game, and they never will. Microsoft owns the publishing rights for Halo.

If you mean any Halo game period, then its easily Halo Wars. If you mean a Halo game made by Bungie, then it would be Halo 3: ODST.

Halo is NOT for Wii. Halo is ONLY for the Xbox. The reason Halo is only for the Xbox is because the Xbox company made the game Halo. If you want the game Halo you will have to get an Xbox if you don't have one.

There is Halo ODST, the latest halo game being made by Bungie. Halo wars is not made by bungie

the newest game is Halo 4 made by 343 industies

Halo CE likely stands for Halo Combat Evolved and is the title of the first made Halo game.

Yes, HALO 3 ODST and HALO REACH have been made

yes halo 4 will come out but it will not be made by bungie

Every Video Game has to end. Bungie has made the last halo. Not the last Halo Game. Bungie has given the Halo Franchise over to 343 Studios. They have said they MIGHT make another Halo Game.

no there has been many rumours but Lego said there is no plans for a Lego halo game

Halo Wars (an RTS game), and Halo: Combat Evolved, which is the first of the series.

Halo the game: 2003. Halo the ring: the time of the "Forerunners". HALO:CE( THE FIRST HALO GAME), ACTUALLY CAME OUT NOVEMBER 15, 2001. 2003 IS WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT ON PC.

No, Halo 4 is strictly made for the Xbox 360. It will not be made for the PlayStation 3

halo wars was suppose to be the first game bungie made but Microsoft bought bungie making new ideas for the game and yes Halo wars was supposed to be on PC no xbox

Halo combat evolved: 2001 anniversary: 2011 Halo 2:2004 Halo 3: 2007 Halo wars:2007 Halo reach:2010

No there will not. Halo is only for xbox as it was made by Microsoft Studios.

The Game Development Company, Bungie

Chronologically, Halo: Combat Evovled is after Halo: Reach. The next game after Rwach was made has been suggested to be Halo 4. This has been near enough confirmed by Microsoft and 343.

343 industries & Bungie

There will. but it will be made by different people.

Halo Reach is the last Halo being made by Bungie. 343 Industries is taking over for them as they have the rights. They have announced the next game in the series, Halo 4.

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