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In the Gunpowder Plot, the gunpowder was located underneath the House of Lords. Everyone that participated in the plot was sentenced to death.

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What is being hidden in the gunpowder plot?

The gunpowder was being hidden in the gunpowder plot. It was hidden in a cellar under the house of parliament.

Where was the gunpowder hidden in the gunpowder plot?

They hid the gunpowder underneath a pile of coal in the cellar underneath the House of Lords, in parliament.

How do you get in the hidden cave?

Well first you have to go the great wall of china (6:00) in the lower right hand corner is gunpowder pick it up go to vikings (3:00) go to the cave and the gunpowder will explode

What do you get from the Chinese person on Time Tangled Island?

At the Great Wall of China (1593 AD), you can get the Thor amulet and a barrel of gunpowder. Both will go to 831 AD (the Vikings). The gunpowder will blast open the cave where the Golden Vase is hidden.

Where were the colonist hiding guns and gunpowder in Massachusetts?

the colonists were hiding guns and gun powder in peoples homes and anywhere they could find a place to keep it hidden :)

Where do you get the gun powder in time tangled?

The gunpowder is in the ancient Chinese times. Go to the very right, and click on a barrel. Use it on the hidden door in viking times.

What is the collective noun of gunpowder?

There is no specific collective noun for gunpowder, in which case, you use an appropriate noun suited to the situation a pound of gunpowder, a flask of gunpowder, a box of gunpowder, etc.

What metals are in gunpowder?

There are no metals in gunpowder.

Why should gunpowder be illegal?

Gunpowder can be used to make a bomb. So unless you are licensed to be in possession of gunpowder, owning gunpowder is illegal.

How do you make grenades in Minecraft?

You can't make grenades, (without a mod) but you can make TNT. It is crafted like this: Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder

Is nitrogen used in gunpowder?

KNO3 is used in gunpowder, so yes a nitrate is in gunpowder.

What happens when you smash gunpowder with a hammer?

Nothing.. Gunpowder does not impact-detonate, which is why bullets have a "primer" that will ignite the gunpowder when it is struck. Nothing.. Gunpowder does not impact-detonate, which is why bullets have a "primer" that will ignite the gunpowder when it is struck.

What was gunpowder supposed to be?

instead of bullets they had gunpowder.

What is an ingredient of gunpowder?

an ingredient in gunpowder is sulphur

Who was the first to use gunpowder?

Gunpowder was first used in China in the 800s. They used gunpowder in fireworks.

When did The Gunpowder Plot start?

the gunpowder plot started in 1605

How gunpowder changed the world?

It changed the world because if we didn't have gunpowder we wouldn't have fireworks but since we do have gunpowder we can have fireworks!Gunpowder affects everything especially in war:(

Why is gunpowder important today?

Gunpowder is used in fireworks and smokeless powder, a variant of gunpowder, is used in guns.

How long has gunpowder been in use?

Gunpowder was invented by the Ancient Chinese. Gunpowder came to Europe in the 1260s.

Where were the barrels of gunpowder stored during the gunpowder plot?

The gunpowder was stored in places like the Tower of London.

What can gunpowder be used for?

gunpowder can be used for guns and fireworks

Inventor of gunpowder?

Chinese alchemists invented gunpowder.

Where can you find gunpowder?

the gunpowder is at those Chinese men

Is gunpowder heterogeneous mixture?

Gunpowder is a heterogeneous mixture.

What is gunpowder color?

usually gunpowder color is black

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