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It is believed that horseshoes were invented sometime during the 6th century in Europe. That is when they were first seen being used.

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What year was the Horseshoe invented?

the horseshoe was inveted in 2012 febuary 4 at 10:03 A.M.

Who and when was the horseshoe invented?

It is an old invention perfected by the Romans.

What black man invented the horseshoe?

Henry Burden

Is James Ricks a black inventor?

yes he invented the horseshoe

When did Oscar e brown invent horseshoe?

Oscar E brown did not invent the horseshoe. The horseshoe was invented a long time before he was even born. oscar did however patne a new type of shoe called a compound or double horseshoe.

Who first invented horseshoes?

The first person to invent a horseshoe was J Rickx.

When was the horseshoe inventor j ricks born?

J. Ricks invented the horseshoe on March 30, 1885. His birthday and full name has never been made available to the public.

What is horseshoe magnet?

A horseshoe magnet is a magnet shaped like a horseshoe.

Where is the Horseshoe Lake Branch Library in Horseshoe Lake located?

The address of the Horseshoe Lake Branch Library is: 3181 Horseshoe Circle, Horseshoe Lake, 72348 9075

What is the difference between star horseshoe worms and horseshoe worms?

a star horseshoe is a star shape and a horseshoe worm is wiggly

What eats horseshoe bat?

The horseshoe eater

Is horseshoe kidney an STD?

Horseshoe kidney is not a sexually transmitted disease. If you have horseshoe kidney, then you were born with it.

Where is the Horseshoe Bend District in Horseshoe Bend located?

The address of the Horseshoe Bend District is: 392 Hwy 55, Horseshoe Bend, 83629 9701

When was the horseshoe invented?

around 1000AD;the medeval horseshoe of corseMany people believe horseshoes are as old as tame horses and iron.It is uncertain who invented the first horseshoe. It is known that as early as the 6th century, European horsemen began nailing metal shoes to the bottoms of horse hooves. This was a development from the leather and organic shoes that were used by Asian horsemen to that point in history. Iron horseshoes became "commonplace" between the 13th and 14th century.

Does a horseshoe crab have a backbone?

Horseshoe Crabs are invertebrates.

How big do horseshoe crabs get?

how big do horseshoe crabs get?

Why is the horseshoe crab called a horseshoe crab?

a horseshoe crab is called a horshoe crab because its sell looks like the shape of a horseshoe posted byb Sean I

Where is the Horseshoe Bend Branch Library in Horseshoe Bend located?

The address of the Horseshoe Bend Branch Library is: 9 Club Road, Horseshoe Bend, 72512 3520

Where is the Horseshoe Library And Museum Corp in Horseshoe Beach Florida located?

The address of the Horseshoe Library And Museum Corp is: Po Box 6, Horseshoe Beach, FL 32648

What does a horseshoe crab eat?

A horseshoe crab eats plankton.

Why is the magnet called a horseshoe magnet?

it is shaped like a horseshoe

Are horseshoe worms the same as star horseshoe worms?

no they are different

When was Horseshoe Bridge created?

Horseshoe Bridge was created in 1903.

Is horseshoe is compound word?

Horseshoe is a compound word.

What is a horseshoe crab's tail for?

A horseshoe crab's tail is for helping them get up when they are on their backs. The horseshoe crab's tail cannot hurt you.

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