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a long time ago on a place called planet earth.

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When was Taco Bell invented?

taco bell was invented by your mom when she blew up

Who invented the crunchy taco?

Joe V Caballero invented the crispy taco.

Who invented the hard shell taco?

taco bell

Why was the taco invented?

It was invented to suppress appetites.

Where was the twist invented?

It was invented at Taco Belle

Where were taco invented?

In Mexico

When was taco dip invented?

Taco dip is believed to have been invented in the early 50s. This is was a form of appetizer for South Americans.

Who named the taco?

The Taco is a traditional Mexican food. It is not know who invented the name.

What inventions were invented in 1852?

The Taco

Who invented the CPU of computer?

a taco

When was the taco invented?

the taco was invented on the third day of creation by God and it was baby jesus fist food he ever ate that is why he stayed on earth

Who invented the taco salad?

I, Michael RC Williams, invented taco salad in 1991 in 3rd grade. It was taco tuesday, but i didnt like biting into the hard taco. so i broke my shells over the veggies and everyone else copied me. taco tuesday became taco salad tuesday. thanks to me. you're welcome humanity.

What did Plato invent?

he invented the taco squirrle

Who invented Taco Bell?

Glen Bell

Who invented the taco shell?

glenn bell

When was the first taco phone invented?


Was tacos invented in Mexico?

Yes the taco is Mexican food invented in Mexico

What did Bessie nesmith invent?

she invented the taco, and the nacho.

Who invented the first flying taco?

Riley Bennington

Who was the person who invented Taco Bell?

Glen Bell created the first Taco Bell in Downey, CA in 1962

How old was glen bell when she invented Taco Bell?


Who invented the walking taco?

A very lazy man who could not eat his chips and his taco at the same time, so he put the taco in the bag of chips as a compromise, and thus creating the walking taco.(his name was Jack.)

What restaurant claims to invented the food dish fajitas?

taco shops

Did the Maya invent the taco?

Yes they did, they also invented tokio hotel.

When the taco was invented?

they have been around for thousands of years and were probably first invented by one of those ancient civilizations

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