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Where was the ultrasound invented?


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the ultrasound was invented in California.

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The first ultrasound was invented during the 1960s. The person who is accredited for inventing the ultrasound is George Kossoff.

I dont know when the Ultrasound was invented so if anybody knows please tell me lol :)

The ultrasound was invented by the English physician Ian Donald in 1957. Today, it is one of the most important pieces of medical equipment in helping to diagnose illneses.

it was invented so doctors could tell what stage of pregnancy a women is in... or if you are having problems with your abdominal area

The 3D ultrasound was first introduced in Japan in 1984. This information has been provided from the website below:

Ultrasound is ultrasound. The question cannot be answered. You must specify what you need to do with your ultrasound.

What is a abdominal ultrasound?

An ultrasound technician, for one. Doctors should be qualified to work with the ultrasound machinery.

A cart which a/an ultrasound is placed

ultrasound hepatobiliary system

yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

A new liquid technique that its inventor says may one day replace ultrasound has been invented, but has not yet been proven in clinical trials.

Ultrasound is generally a painless procedure

You can tell you are pregnant through ultrasound as early as 4 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.

Animals use ultrasound but i do not know what animals do,

Ultrasound waves are longitudinal.

a under water speaker that emits ultrasound

An Ultrasound has no effect whatsoever on the baby, or you.

The German word for ultrasound is Ultraschall

Ultrasound therapy can be used for relief associated with joint and muscle pain. An ultrasound scanner can be purchased at National Ultrasound, Jaken Medical or Net Doctor.

It is painless. Diagnostic ultrasound (standard ultrasound) is harmless and painless. However it needs to be performed by a specialist (a physician or a radiologist).

Ultrasound is typically performed by a trained ultrasound technologist, it involves using sound waves to get an image of the reproductive system.

No one is able to hear ultrasound; the frequency of the sound used is far higher than the audible limit of any person or animal. A sonographer will conduct an ultrasound. Ultrasound in the same way that bats navigate - by listening to echos. ultrasound is reflected in propotion to the density of soft tissues. an ultrasound displays the results of these echos.

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