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The city of London which was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 76 consecutive nights .

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Bombing manila during World War 2?

manila was where pirates use to go get drunk during world war 2. :)

What places in Scotland were bombed in world war 2?

Glasgow and Clydebank were the worst hit places in Scotland due to World War II bombing,

Who are the worst war criminals?

WW2 Germans believe Stalin was the worst. British and US people believe Hitler was the worst. The Chinese believe Hirohito was the worst. The Confederacy during the US Civil War believed President Lincoln was the worst. King George of England was the worst to the American Colonists during the Revolutionary War of 1776. North Vietnam considered US Airmen to be war criminals, as we were bombing their cities during the Vietnam War.

What cities suffered enormous damage from bombing raids during world war 2?

All British cities were badly damaged by bombing during World War 2 but London and Coventry were hit hardest.

What was the effect of bombing on wales in World War 2?

See the related site below which is a great site from the BBC about South Wales during the bombing in World War 2.

How many people died from bombing during World War 2?

There are no specific statistics for bombing fatalities however, more that 60 million people died during the war period.

Is the hiroshima bombing post cold war?

No ,Hiroshima was bombed in 1945,during the World War II.

Why was rationing necessary during World War 2?

Because the German submarines were bombing the food ships, and the planes were bombing the docks.

What happen during world war 2 in the us?

First we went in to the war the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What were 5 major events during World War 2?

Five major events during World War 2 include: The Holocaust D-Day Bombing of Pearl Harbor Battle of Britain Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Battle of the Bulge

When did Bombing of Lübeck in World War II happen?

Bombing of Lübeck in World War II happened in 1942.

When did Bombing of Braunschweig in World War II happen?

Bombing of Braunschweig in World War II happened in 1944.

When did Bombing of Bangkok in World War II happen?

Bombing of Bangkok in World War II happened in 1944.

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