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Where was tobacco sold as a cash crop?

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in the store.

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Was tobacco a cash crop?

Yes, I believe that tobacco was a cash crop seeing as how they sold it to make money. Yes, tobacco was a cash crop

What was the most profitable cash crop in the Virginia colony sold to England?

Tobacco was the most profitable cash crop in the Virginia colony sold to England

Where was tobacco the main cash crop in the 13 colonies?

Tobacco was the main cash crop!

What was the key reason for the success of the Virginia colony?

Tobacco. The English used tobacco much like we have coffee today. The Virginia Colony was a good place to grow tobacco so it became a cash crop. A cash crop is a crop grown and sold for a profit.

Why is tobacco a cash crop so important?

The "cash" in the term explains it. Planters cannot consume all the tobacco they grow, so it is sold for money.

Was tobacco a cash crop in Virginia?

Yes. Tobacco was a very large cash crop in Virginia.

Is tobacco a cash crop?

Yes, it was a major cash crop in Virginia.

What is the main cash crop in Georgia?

Tobacco is Georgia's main cash crop.

What was southern colonies major cash crop?

The Major Cash Crop Was Tobacco

What was the colonies cash crop?

The first cash crop was tobacco, but cotton supplanted it.

Which crop is the major cash crop of Malawi?


What was the Maryland cash crops?

tobacco was a cash crop

Why did tobacco play an important role in Jamestown?

because tobacco was a cash crop and a cash crop is a crop that makes a lot of money and jamestown need money.

What was connecticut's cash crop?


What was the cash crop of Jamestown?


What was the main cash crop of the south?

the main cash crop is tobacco indigo rice

What was the Chesapeake cash crop?

Tobacco was the primary cash crop of the Chesapeake tidewater Region.

What is Massachusetts cash crops?

Tobacco used to be a major cash crop. Now there is no definite cash crop.

What cash crop did the Jamestown colony send to Europe?

The cash crop that the colony Jamestown had was tobacco.

What cash crop helped the Virginia Colony grow and prosper?

Tobacco would be such a cash crop.

What do framers do with a cash crop?

The idea of a "cash crop" is that it is converted to cash, i.e., sold.

Why is tobacco the most important cash crop?

tobacco is used for smoking

What is a cash crop of Africa?

cotton and tobacco

Which cash crop saved jamestown?


What was virginias main cash crop?


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