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Fort Moultrie

Fort Chatanuga

Fort Hillsworth

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Q: Where were US military bases in World War 1?
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During world war ll the US needed bases in the south pacific because?

The US needed military bases in the South Pacific during World War II in order to launch attacks on the Japanese mainland.

Who is The woman that ferried US military planes to bases during World War 2?

Jennifer longhorn

How many foreign military bases are there in the world that are not US bases The US has about 800 foreign bases. The rest of the world has how many?


How many military bases of all branches existed in the US during World War 2?

over 1000

Number of us military bases around the world?

The number of US military bases around the world (excluding the US) is ever changing, but the latest estimates are approximately 700 in 130 countries

Why does the us have military bases in England?

Because the president said that the military would supply war materials to other countries in exchange for military bases in England

Why does the US have military bases in every corner of the world?


Does England have military bases in the US?

No, the United Kingdom has no military bases in the US.

What is the economy of the Philippine after the world war 2?

The Philippine economy surged upwards with the reconstruction and growth of US military bases in the country.

What war did Elvis participate in?

Elvis was not part of a war. He served in Germany at some of the US Military bases there.

US Military war deaths World War 2?

Estimated 416,800 military loses

What was the military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2?

The military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2 was Japanese surrender.

How did the idea of freedom motivate the US to get involved in both World War 1 and World War 2?

I don't think the idea of freedom had much to do with the US entry into World War I or World War II. The US declared war on Germany in 1917 after the sinking of the Lusitania, where a number of US citizens died. The US entered World War II after the Japanese attack on the military bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the German and Italian governments declared war on the US the next day.

What non military jobs did African-Americans do in the US military during World War 2?

ALL jobs in the US military are military positions, be it war or peace. There are NO non-military jobs in the military

How many countries in the world are us military occupied?

The true answer is NONE. The US has military bases in over 150 countries but the US does not occupy any.

Why Japan invaded Philippines during world war 2?

US military bases were there (Clark Air Force Base, etc.), they had to be captured or destroyed.

What is Military Base Agreement?

The RP-US Military Bases Agreement was signed in 1947 to the establishment of the US military bases in the Philippines.

Where were the US bases in Wales in World War 2?

There was a US base in Milford Haven, Whales. The US was stationed in the United Kingdom and Australia and had many bases throughout the world.

Did the US military fight in world war ll?


Was the us military integrated by the end of World War 2?

No, but they had made a start.

Who were the military leaders of the us in the pacific in world war 2?


How did the US want to gain of Guam?

US is an imperialist country and want to have around the world as many military bases.

Why did the Japanese bomb the Philippines?

The Japanese made attacks on the territories held by the US. At the time of World War 2, the US had (and to a limited extent still does) many military and business interests in the Philippines as a result of the Spanish-American War. There were numerous US military bases in the Philippines, Corregidor being one of the most famous.

How many women served in the military during World War 2?

About 350,000 US women served in the US military.

When did US give Britain war supplies and old naval warships in return for military bases in Bermuda and the Caribbean?