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The ones that have been found have been in a small tomb but none in a pyramid.

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Q: Where were ancient Egyptian priests buried?
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What did the ancient Egyptian priests do?

they did stuff

Where did the ancient Egyptian priests live?

They lived in their temples

Were the ancient Egyptian priests and physicians bald?


What do ancient Egyptian priests do?

poo al day

What is a sarcophgaus?

Where ancient egyptian kings were buried

Who buried the dead in ancient Egypt?

work men and priests

What is an ancient Egyptian priests hobby?

yes to worship gods

What did ancient Egyptian priests eat?

they ate wine and bread

What did Ancient Egyptian Priests do with their free time?

cuddle their mum

Where was Anubis buried?

Anubis was a god of the ancient Egyptian religion, he did not die so was not buried.

What shelters did ancient Egyptian priests live in?

Ancient egyptian priests were given no respect at all. they were brutally killed by soldiers or other higher social classes then them. For safety the priest would hide in cupboards and eat curry.

What did Egyptian priests wear?

Priests in Ancient Egypt were required to wear a white linen garb and white sandals.

When did Anubis get found after being buried?

The ancient Egyptian god Anubis was never buried in mythology.

Where were Egyptian peasants buried?

In Ancient Egyptian times peasants were buried in the ground. Some were buried in the mud brick tombs that surround the pyramids if they had died while helping to construct the pyramids.

Why were Egyptian Preists present during mummification?

the priests were there to give the mummy a blessing before they officially buried it.

What do you use Egyptian pyramids for today?

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are used as tourist attractions for Egypt. The pyramids also serve as historical references of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that were buried in them.

What were the ancient Egyptian jobs?

there were many ancient Egyptian jobs including farmers,priests,craftspeople,blacksmiths,jewelers, animal breeders,scribes,pharaohs, bakers,artists

What is an ancient Egyptian coffin?

Egyptian coffins were where you had your loved ones buried in.(If you could afford it). And all Egyptians of the royal family bloodline were buried in them. And tey are called sarcofegifs.

What treasures might be buried with the ancient Egyptian kings?

gold jewels

How much money did priests make in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian Priests got 20 gold pieces a day and 200 gold pieces for performing a ritual for a dead person

Why are Egyptian priests under pharaohs in the Egyptian ranking?

The ancient Egyptian ruler was considered to be a living god, so naturally he outranked the priesthood and everyone else.

What type of picture writing was used by the ancient egyptians?

what collection of spells was with buried with an ancient Egyptian mummy

Who dresses up as Anubis?

Often, priests who embalmed the bodies of the ancient Egyptian dead.

What jobs were there in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian JobsThe Pyramid of PowerJobs relating to the Government of EgyptAncient Egyptian ScribesAncient Egyptian Priests / Priestesses and AstrologersAncient Egyptian Engineers and ArchitectsAncient Egyptian Builders and ArtistsAncient Egyptian SoldiersAncient Egyptian Manual Laborers, Fishermen and FarmersAncient Egyptian Camel Breeders

What was the types of food that Egyptian priests ate?

the ancient priests of egypt ate, fish, wine, bread, beer, turnups, garlic, and sometimes figs.