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Where were ancient Egyptian priests buried?


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The ones that have been found have been in a small tomb but none in a pyramid.

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Anubis was a god of the ancient Egyptian religion, he did not die so was not buried.

The ancient Egyptian god Anubis was never buried in mythology.

Priests in Ancient Egypt were required to wear a white linen garb and white sandals.

Ancient egyptian priests were given no respect at all. they were brutally killed by soldiers or other higher social classes then them. For safety the priest would hide in cupboards and eat curry.

In Ancient Egyptian times peasants were buried in the ground. Some were buried in the mud brick tombs that surround the pyramids if they had died while helping to construct the pyramids.

the priests were there to give the mummy a blessing before they officially buried it.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are used as tourist attractions for Egypt. The pyramids also serve as historical references of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that were buried in them.

Ancient Egyptian priests and scribes could read hieroglyphs.

Often, priests who embalmed the bodies of the ancient Egyptian dead.

what collection of spells was with buried with an ancient Egyptian mummy

there were many ancient Egyptian jobs including farmers,priests,craftspeople,blacksmiths,jewelers, animal breeders,scribes,pharaohs, bakers,artists

A scribe was an ancient Egyptian that was specially trained to read and write.Royalty and priests were also trained to read and write.

Egyptian coffins were where you had your loved ones buried in.(If you could afford it). And all Egyptians of the royal family bloodline were buried in them. And tey are called sarcofegifs.

The ancient Egyptian ruler was considered to be a living god, so naturally he outranked the priesthood and everyone else.

Ancient Egyptian Priests got 20 gold pieces a day and 200 gold pieces for performing a ritual for a dead person

the ancient priests of egypt ate, fish, wine, bread, beer, turnups, garlic, and sometimes figs.

Yes, Coptic Orthodox Priests have to get married before they become priests. becomes they take confession from other people. that help a lot to get them down. A lot of Egyptian priests they very close to God and they don't have sex even with their wives they only pray to Jesus.

Because of their ability to win the favor of the gods.

The Egyptian priests wrapped the mummiesThe Egyptian priests wrapped the mummies.

Egyptian priests would normally not live in the pyramid until the Pharaoh was removed. Though if the Pharaoh wanted them to stay in the temple at the time until he was properly buried somewhere else, yes they sometimes did.

Ancient Egyptian temples were made to honor the gods. There was not much activity in them, except the priests who lived there to keep fires burning and take care of statues.

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