Where were hieroglyphs found?

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Where can hieroglyphs be found?

The hieroglyphs can be found in Egypt. This is due to the fact that Egyptians used to use it as their primary form of writing.

Where is the first hieroglyphs for build-a-bear?

the first hieroglyphs are found in fastpaw

How many kinds of hieroglyphs are found in the Egyptian language?


What are Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphs is the name for the oldest form of Egyptian writing. Hieroglyphs are thought to originate in about 3200BC and they declined in use in about 400BC. Hieroglyphs were also mainly used for religious and very important writings such as texts about wars. Hieroglyphs were found as the top layer of writing on the Rosetta stone, along with Demotic writing and Ancient Greek. From the Ancient Greek, Jean Francois Champollion was able to translate Hieroglyphs.

How do you spell hieroglyphs?

Hieroglyphs, it is spelled correctly.

What color are hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphs is usually written on papyrus or slabs of rock. On papyrus, hieroglyphs is generally written using black ink or for more elaborate use, such as religious means the Egyptians use colored ink. Hieroglyphs on slabs of rock is generally found in tombs, so they use colored ink to write over the hieroglyphs which have been carved into the rock.

How were Egyptian hieroglyphs decoded?

Explorers found the "Rosetta stone" which had Egyptian heiroglyphs traslated into Greek.

What is the plural of hieroglyphs?

Hieroglyphs is already plural. The singular is hieroglyph.

What did napoleon found in Egypt?

The most noticeable thing is Rosetta Stone which helped Champollion to translate hieroglyphs

Who discover the Mayan hieroglyphs?

Well I don't know exactly who discovered this Mayan_hieroglyphs but know one thing that its discovered by European explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries who did not understand it but found its general appearance reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Where did they find the Rosetta stone?

So Egyptian soldier found it in the desert in 1799. Now it is in a British museum. Jean Francois Champollion decoded it and found out that there were three different languages on it demonic, Greek, and hieroglyphs. Since he knew how to read the hieroglyphs that is why we know so much about ancient Egypt today.

Why was the Rosetta stone found?

It was found by Napoleon's troops near the town of Rosetta in 1799 and, once translated by Champollion, unlocked the language of the hieroglyphs. As to why is was found, that is a philosophical question beyond the scope of this answer.

Who knew how to write in hieroglyphs?

Ancient Egyptian priests and scribes could read hieroglyphs.

Why did egyptians create hieroglyphs?

they created hieroglyphs to represent things and they thought it was easier to read.

Who found away to read Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Jean Francois Champollion used the Rosetta Stone to translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

If the Rosetta stone was never found how will it affect what you know about Egypt?

If the Rosetta Stone was never found, we probably could still not understand Egyptian hieroglyphs. By using the Rosetta Stone, people can compare them to the other language (Greek) because when this was figured out, Greek language still was around. If this stone would have never been found, we could not decipher the meaning of Egyptain hieroglyphs.

Is hieroglyphs the same as hieroglyphics?

hieroglyphs means 1 while hieroglyphics means more then 1

What year was hieroglyphs discovered?

The Rosetta Stone, which held hieroglyphs, was discovered in 1799 by French Soldiers.

What was Cleopatra's name in hieroglyphs?

Our computers cannot reproduce hieroglyphs. To be honest, by the time of Cleopatra, hieroglyphs had been out of style for hundreds of years. Cleopatra did all her communicating in Greek. However if you want to see Cleo's name in hieroglyphs, just use your browser and type in "Cleopatra/cartouche" and you will come up with several sites that will show you her name in hieroglyphs.

What object discovered by the french in 1799 was the key to deciphering ancient hieroglyphs?

The Rosetta stone-found in Egypt, now in british museum.

How many hieroglyphs are there in ancient Egypt?

There were more than a thousand hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt because it was their language

When were the first hieroglyphs written?

Nobody knows when the first hieroglyphs were written, but they were fairly common by 4000 BCE

Why are the pharaohs so big in hieroglyphs?

The pharaohs in hieroglyphs are large because they were considered very important by the Egyptians.

How were hieroglyphs read?

the Hieroglyphs were translated by the Rosetta stone which was a great discovery unlocking all Egypt's history.

Did the Aztecs have hieroglyphs?

Hieroglyphs was what the Aztec people used to write and to read with. Without them they couldn't read or write.

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