Where were medieval l knights from?


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Medieval knights were mostly in Europe but knights were located everywhere


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There were knights at all places in medieval times.

Medieval Knights often fought in tournaments. The purpose was to increase their skill levels. :)

The medieval knights of Western Europe were nearly all Catholic. In Eastern Europe, after the East-West schism, knights were mostly Eastern Orthodox, but when we think of medieval knights, in their armor, we are usually thinking of Western Europeans.

The knights lived in castles, but wedo not do that now.

knights were the ones that participated in medieval tournaments.

heavy armorIn medieval times, knights wore armour when going in to battle.

The code of conduct for knights is called a Chivalry.

Knights played a major role in Medieval life.

Today one can simply wear an armor and call himself a knight, back in medieval you had to be a noble.

I think Jedi Knights because they have hot light savers.

No. They had messengers to do that.

It depended on what countries they lived in. There were medieval knights in dozens of countries in the Middle Ages.If you are talking about the knights of England, the languages were:Old EnglishMiddle EnglishOld French

Knights were nobles so they had nice quarters in a manor or estate.

The Three Musketeers were a modern representation of the virtues that late Renaissance literature came to attribute to medieval knights

That depends on what Knights you are talking about. Are you talking about the medieval Knights in each Kingdom, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar? You are going to have to be a little more specific to get a meaningful answer.

A medieval knight in the middle ages or medieval times was William the conquerer

the knights lived in the medieval times and in that time about everyone was Christian so knights were probably Christians

medieval atilliator makes crossbows for knights in the army. They are highly paid.

the answer is that the challenges were that the knights did not have enough armour and weapons for wars

A guess here, about 1%. Very few were knights.

Knights were treated with awe and respect., as they were the protectors of the parish.

It errictid the knights alot because i dont know

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