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San Francisco has many dangerous Earthquake in fact one of the biggest

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What some types of earthquakes?

small earthquakes and big earthquakes and mideum earthquakes

Are people scared of earthquakes?

i think some people do and some not scare of earthquakes

What are some earthquakes called?

Some types of earthquakes are explosive,tectonic and underground.

What are some effects of earthquakes?

Some effects of earthquakes are shaking, liquefaction, aftershocks, and tsunamis.

Are earthquakes unpredictable?

scientists can some times predict earthquakes

Do they have earthquakes in Tokyo?

Yes, There are some earthquakes that did occur (happen)

Why some states have no earthquakes?

Some states do not have earthquakes because they are not located on or near fault lines.

Are earthquakes good to the ocean?

Wow some earthquakes start in the ocean

What type of countries has earthquakes?

Everywhere on the planet suffers from earthquakes at some time. However there ares some places where earthquakes, particularly bad earthquakes, are more frequent. These places are located at continental margins.

Do earthquakes ever happen in the desert?

Yes, earthquakes happen in some deserts.

Which planets have earthquakes?

Well some say Mercury, Venus, and Uranus can have earthquakes.

What are some names of earthquakes and their location?

Earthquakes are usually named by their location and year.

Why do earthquakes occur in Iceland?

There are two causes of earthquakes in Iceland. First, it lies on a plate boundary. Movement of the tectonic plates drives some earthquakes. Iceland is volcanically active. The movement of magma underground causes some earthquakes.

Which countries don't have earthquakes?

All countries have earthquakes. Some countries just have large earthquakes more often than others.

Can earthquakes be accurately predicted?

some earthquakes might be predictable but most come unexpectedly

Are earthquakes always dangerous?

No, there are some earthquakes that are so small you don't even notice them.

What can give a warning for earthquakes about one tenth of the time?

If you take the past earthquakes and study them and how they were you can find out about where some future earthquakes might be then you can provide a warning for earthquakes about 10% of the time.

Why are some earthquakes more deadly than others?

Some earthquakes are more powerful than others and some occur in densely populated places.

Are there earthquakes in Cuba?

Yes...the earthquakes just happen in the east, some of the states that have had earthquakes are, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Olguin, ects.

What countries have earthquakes?

Earthquakes occur in at least 100 countries. Some countries that have frequent earthquakes are America, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

What effects do earthquakes have on the environment?

Some effects of earthquakes on the environment include landslides, floods, and tsunamis.

What are some characteristics of earthquakes?

he earthquakes main causes are because of the too plates bang together

How do people feel about earthquakes?

Most people fear earthquakes as they can take lives and tear families apart forever. However, all opinions on earthquakes are different, as some people are interested in earthquakes.

Does Japan have earthquakes?

Yes. Japan has loads of earthquakes. In fact, they have on average three earthquakes a day! That is more than some places have in a whole year!

What are some positive effects of earthquakes?

Positive effects of earthquakes include the fact that they can help put life in perspective for some people. There aren't many benefits to earthquakes, because they often cause catastrophe.

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