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Where were the Dr Bernardo children living?

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I am really close to the Bernardo children, they were in Italy.

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What did Dr. bernardo do for charity?

Doctor Bernardo Helped poor Victorian boys that were living on the streets

What year did dr Bernardo die ?

Me !!!

What actors and actresses appeared in Dr. Bernardo Rules - 2009?

The cast of Dr. Bernardo Rules - 2009 includes: Bernardo Majalca

Why was Jim jarvis so important?

Jim Jarvis was just one of the many 'street children' in 19th century London. He showed Dr. Thomas Bernardo the life of a street child after which Dr. Bernardo instead of going to China to become a missionary stayed and developed the charity known today as Dr. Bernardo Children's Homes.

Why did dr bernardo set up his own school?

Dr Bernardo set up his own school because he was influenced by a young boy called Jim Jarvis that he met on his travels, and Jim told his life story of living on the streets and becoming a orphan, which gave bernardo an idea of setting up a school.

Where were the children of dr barnardo living?

they smelt

Where is the Rancho Bernardo Branch Library in San Diego located?

The address of the Rancho Bernardo Branch Library is: 17110 Bernardo Center Dr., San Diego, 92128 2540

How old was Dr Bernardo when he died?

i think it was 54 he he x

Was Dr. Bernardo Jack the Ripper?

Nobody knows who Jack the Ripper was.

How tall is Bernardo Bernardo?

Bernardo Bernardo is 5' 11".

What inspired dr barnardo to be a doctor?

a little boy called jim jarvis showed dr banardo all they young children living in poverty so he decided to bulid homes for young children in poverty

What nicknames does Bernardo Bernardo go by?

Bernardo Bernardo goes by Bernie.

Where were the children living?

children were living in an orphanage

When was Bernardo Bernardo born?

Bernardo Bernardo was born on January 28, 1945, in Manila, Philippines.

Who is dr barnardo's children?

dr barnardo had 7 children but 3 died

Does kathryn bernardo have sibling?

Yes Kathryn has sibling namely Chrysler Bernardo, Kaye Bernardo and Kevin Bernardo. =)

In Sherlock Holmes does Dr Watson have children?

No children of Dr. Watson are ever mentioned.

Where are doctor barnardo's children living?

The children were living in a orphanage.

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He didn't have children.

Did Dr. Jack Kevorkian have children?

dr. kevorkian never married, never had children

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