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polis i believe.

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Q: Where were the Greek city-states located?
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What are two leading Greek citystates?

Athens, Sparta for a period. other cities such as Thebes and Alexandria at different later stages.

What are the Greek citystates names?

Athens (smart, sporty, perfect) Megara (all about money) Sparta (TOTAL SPORT FREAKS lol) Corinth (crafts) Argos (acting and drama)

Which form of government practiced in certain Greek citystates describes rule by an individual who assumes absolute power by seizing control illegally often with the support of the lower classes?


What is the political units of city and surrounding land?


Which citystates fought eachotherin the peloponnesian war?

Athens and Sparta .

What are the typical Greek citystates like?

Athens-Athletic, academic, perfect Corinth-Crafts, arts, etc Sparta-Sports Megara-Money, money, money Argos-Acting, drama, etc

How did religion create the hierarchy in sumer?

Sumerian citystates were originally theocracies.

Where is the Greek Theater located?

The Greek Theater is actually spelled Greek Theatre in classic British type. It is located in Los Angeles, California, which is located in the United States.

Where is the greek city-state of Persia located?

Where is the greek city-state of persia located?

What is the impact of citystates?

This impact the city-states because the renaissance were so wealthy in their down city

Where is acropolis located?

In Athens, Greek

Where was mycenaean civilization located?


Where were the oracles located in Greek mythology?

The most famous ancient Greek oracle was that of "Delphi".

Where are the greek gods located?

mt olympus

Where was the mycenaean civilization located?

Greek Mainland

Where the Greek gods located?

Mount Olympus

Where is the greek coliseum located?

Rome, Italy

What Greek colony is Yalta located on?


How was Northern Italy different from Southern Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance?

Southern Italy was more similar to northern Europe Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not. Southern Italy still had feudalism, while northern Italy did not. Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not.

Physical education is greek?

Yes, it was made up from the Spartans.It's located in Greece making it Greek.

Where was Sparta located?

Sparta was located in the southern greek city-state known as Lacedaemon.

In what Greek country was Parthenon located?

Athens, on the acropolis

Where is the athenians located?

Greek Gary waz here

What is unan?

in greek unan was located in ancient time....

Which warlike civilization was located on the Greek mainland?

The mycenaeans