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Because the Vietnam War was fought between Vietnam and the US

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Us troops ethnic diversity in Vietnam War?

See: Statistics about the Vietnam War.

How did US involvement in the Vietnam war end?

The US involvement in the Vietnam war ended when the US withdrew troops in 1973. The Vietnam war did not actually end until 1975.

How many US troops in Vietnam 1967?

See Vietnam War time-line

When did the US enter the Vietnam war and when did they leave?

President Eisenhower sent US troops to Vietnam in 1955, President Ford pulled out the last US troops in 1975.

How many Hispanic troops served in Vietnam?

They were US troops, not hispanic troops. Approximately 170,000 American males of Hispanic descent served in the Vietnam War.

Sentence with the word extraction?

The extraction of US troops from Vietnam signaled the end of the Vietnam War.

What year did Vietnam end?

The Vietnam War ended in 30th April 1975. When the US stopped sending troops to Vietnam.

What is the longest lasting US war?

US combat troops entered the Vietnam War in March 1965 and fought for more than eight years until the last US troops left Vietnam on March 29, 1973.

How many troops were taken to Vietnam to fight?

Approximately 2,594,000 US servicemen served in the Vietnam War.

What happened when the us ground troops went to Vietnam?

The war transitioned from a guerrilla war into a conventional war.

How many American troops were killed in the Vietnam War?

Over 58,000 US Marines, US Airmen, US Coast Guardsmen, US Sailors, and US Soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War.

When was the US involved in the Vietnam war?

US troops were in Vietnam from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975.

Vietnam war introduction?

Introduction of Regular US Combat troops was 1965.

Why did johnson increase us troops in vietnam?

He wanted to win the war. Sadly, more troops did not accomplish his aim.

When did the Americans pull out of the Vietnam War?

The last US ground troops left Vietnam on 29 March 1973.

What was Australia's involvement in World War 2 and Vietnam war?

Australia was an ally of the US and sent troops to fight in both WWII and Vietnam.

What US president was most responsible for the Vietnam war?

Johnson will most likely be held responsible for sending the most US troops into Vietnam.

Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

Was South Korea and Australia allies with the US during the Vietnam War?

Yes. In fact both countries had combat troops helping South Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

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