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Where would a pediatrician work?

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In the hospital?

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What are the drawbacks of a pediatrician?

The drawbacks of being a pediatrician would have to be the hours you would have to work.

What is the work environment or surroundings be like for a pediatrician?

the environment 4 a Pediatrician would be busy

What work experience do you need to be a pediatrician?

The experience one would get in medical school, which is a basic requirement in order to be a pediatrician.

How much does pediatrician get paid hourly?

It depends on the pediatrician business you work for.

How long can a pediatrician work?

a pediatrician can work a minimum of 8 hours and a max of full day shift.

Why would you work in a hospital setting as a pediatrician?

You make more money and you have more benefits.

Who does a pediatrician work with?


What Type of work a pediatrician does?

A pediatrician is a doctor that works specifically with children and infants.

What kind of people will a pediatrician work with?

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating children.

Will you be required to work overtime as an pediatrician?

maybe if you want to it depends what type of pediatrician you are

When you work as a pediatrician would you be the boss or work for someone else?

you could either be your own boss or if you would rather work under someone else you could also do that to

Who would be a prospective employer for a pediatrician?

Most are self-employed, or work for groups (like HMOs) ... a few work for hospitals.

Do Pediatrician work in the hospital?

A pediatrician is a "kids doctor". They work in hospitals, usually in the "Pediatrics ward" and they can also have private practices.

Can a pediatrician work overseas?

It would largely depend on the local licensing authority, but generally yes.

What are pediatricians work conditions?

pediatrician work conditions

What is an pediatrician nature of work?

1. The nature of the work

Do pediatrician doctor work in weekends?

No they do not work in weekends

Will you work with medicine as a pediatrician?

Yes, a pediatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in treating children.

Do you have to work with children to be a pediatrician?


What is the description of the work as a pediatrician?


How long does a pediatrician work?


What are the work settings of a pediatrician?

the work setting is a office or a clinic

What are some skills needed for a pediatrician?

a pediatrician needs to have compassion, responsibility trustworthiness, and work very hard

Why would someone be interested in being a pediatrician?

A person who has a scientific mind but still wants to work with people, specifically children, might consider being a pediatrician. They would be working with chemistry while still interacting with the patient and their parents.

Where can a pediatrician work?

Bustamante hospital for children