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The dealer, or salvage yard.

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Q: Where would be a good place to get a driver side master window switch for a 1997 Grand Prix GT?
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Jeep Grand Cherokee 93 only driver side window roll up and down the other three do not work at all not even from the main switch?

Sounds like a problem with the master (drivers) switch.

Is a 1999 Pontiac grand am power window switch compatible with a 1998 Pontiac grand am power window switch?

If it looks the same it will probably work.

Instructions on how to replace the passenger side window motor and master switch on a 1999 Pontiac grand am se? here is an excellent how to with pictures

2004 jeep grand Cherokee pass rear door window goes down but not up?

If the window won't go up from only one switch it is most likely that switch. If it won't go up from the driver controls or the control on that window's door, then you probably have a problem with the window motor.

Where is the door lock master switch on grand caravan?

It is on the driver's door.

How do you replace driver window motor on dodge grand caravan 2002?


How do you replace the driver's side window regulator?

Driver Side Window Regulator Assembly replace on 2004 pontiac grand prix

Where is the switch that activates the back-up lights on a 1996 Grand Cherokee?

It is a three wire switch on the driver side of the transmission.

Power window in 1993 Pontiac grand am won't work?

you probably need a new switch

How do you fix power windows on Pontiac grand am they won't go up?

1999 Pontiac grand pre how do I bypass driver window so I can get it up.

What is the tiny vent beside the foglight switch for on a 97 Pontiac grand am?

It's the driver's window defogger

Where is the driver side power window relay on a 1997 Grand Am GT?

In the fuse box on next to the drivers side door

How do you install a power window switch on a 1999 Pontiac grand prix 4 door front door left side?

Why does your Power window on your Grand Prix fall?

Switch malfunctioned, burned on actual panel on the door, now will not go up??

How do you fix a window on a 1999 Grand Prix?

1999 Grand Prix Window ProblemI have had two 1999 grand prix cars that both had the drivers window stop working. One of them was just a bad switch that was inexpensive to have fixed. The other 99 Pontiac needed a new window regulator which required the whole window assembly from the dealer for around $300 not counting labor. I found an aftermarket part for around $200 and I plan on doing the repair myself. Make sure you rule out the switch before buying expensive parts. Good Luck.

Why would Grand Caravan electric locks quit working?

check the door lock master switch usually that is the problem

Why doesn't the front passanger window go down in my 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The front passenger window will not go down on a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee if the motor or switch has failed. This is common when water gets inside the motor.

How do you reset the change oil indicator on your 2002 Pontiac grand am?

Driver side fuse box there is a switch you push to reset.

Where is the window washer reservoir on the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is under the hood, just behind the driver side head light.

What do I do when a 1998 grand am driver door electric window will go down but not back up?

I had this problem with my 99 Grand Prix. More than likely what happened was the switch shorted out. You will need to replace the switch module by removing the plastic piece holding it in called the bezel. Be sure to lift it from the bottom side or you will break the clip in it. Pull out the module carefully because you can break the plastic clips holding it in also. You can try to find it in a junk yard but most grand prix's or grand am's have had those removed already because GM is notorius with their window problems. Best move would be to look on eBay, there is usually a lot of them on there.

How do you get the passenger window on a 2006 Grand Caravan to go up?

If the window motor is not running to raise the window, then several things need to be checked to fix the problem. Check the fuse, switch, wiring, and window motor to find which part is bad and needs to be replaced.

Is there a fuse for the rear window in a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

no, generally the key switch togle breaks and makes the dash switch inoperatable as well. You will need to remove the rear window and regulator to access the switch for repairs. See for Micheal Baxter article. good luck, Bob H.

Was Samuel kirk the grand master of Baltimore?

A Grand Master is the leader of a Grand Jurisdiction. There is no Grand Jurisdiction of Baltimore. Maryland, yes, but not Baltimore.

What could be wrong with your 2000 Pontiac Grand Am if the right rear window will go down but not up and how do you fix it?

Bad motor? Bad switch? Try swapping the wires on the switch to see if it will work

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