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Q: Where would people see if they traveled to earth?
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What would earth be like with no rotation?

i think earth with no rotation would be like the world with no air cause earth i surrounded by air so that is how i would see the earth wit no rotation

What phases of the moon would someone on earth see when the moon is at positions A through F?

On Earth, someone would most likely see less then half of a moon.

What the astronauts might have seen on the way to the moon?

They would not have seen many different things than we see when we are on Earth or when we fly. They would have seen the Earth itself and the Moon as they got near it, but things like the stars and other planets would not look a lot different from space than they would from Earth. In space, they would not be significantly closer to any of the stars or planets than they would be on Earth. They would have a clearer view of them as they would not be obscured by the atmosphere. Space is called space, because there is not much up there, so there is not a lot to see. The most interesting things for them to see would have been in orbit around the moon and on its surface, and not so much in the journey. Coming back to Earth and when leaving it, there would be a lot to see of Earth itself. It would have been spectacular to look at Earth from space.

Do people from other cultures on Earth see the same stars constellations and asterisms that you see?

yes the see the same thing

If a space traveler went into space and looked at earth what would he see?

He or she will see clouds, counturies and the oceans.

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What phase of moon would people see from earth?

full moon

Why would people want to visit earth?

Because earth is amazing with many different sites to see :)

'When a full moon occurs if there were people on the moon would they see a 'full' Earth'?

Not necessarily. Think about it... if you can see a full moon in the middle of the night, then someone on the moon would be able to see your part of the earth.... which would be in darkness.

Why would people go to the moon?

to study it and they would see if there is life on other plants not just earth

Is it possible to see earth in its past using a telescope If we knew a defined 'spot' where the earth was a few millions of years ago could we locate and view it?

That would only be possible if we could travel faster than the speed of light...a lot faster...and then you would have to get farther out than light from earth has traveled in the last million years and then look toward earth..then, in theory, you could see the past.

Does earth always keep the same side towards the moon?

No. If it did, then some people on earth would always see the moon in the sky, andsome other people on earth would never see the moon in their sky. Instead, everybodyon earth sees the moon rise and set, meaning that different parts of the earth are turningto face it.

Have any space probes traveled by earth?

There have been a number of robotic exploratory vehicles sent from Earth to other planets and asteroids, but there is no indication that other planets have sent any probes to Earth. Of course, we would not necessarily see it. It might be designed to be inconspicuous, a stealth probe.

If you traveled back to the Colonial Period in Georgia which crop would you have been LEAST likely to see being grown?

If you traveled back to the Colonial Period in Georgia, which crop would you have been LEAST likely to see being grown?

If you are an astronaut and you are watching the earth from the space What would you see?

we can see continents on earth

Who prooved the earth was round?

Many people say that Christopher Columbus's voyage in 1492 answered this question. However, Aristotle's studies proved something nearly 2000 years before Columbus. Aristotle had two arguments: 1) One about a total lunar eclipse Earth that cast a curved shadow on the moon, which he hence concluded that Earth would have to be spherical. 2) The other about the fact that a person who traveled north or south would be able to see new stars that hadn't been visible before. If Earth were flat, people would all be able to see the same stars. During a lunar eclipse Earth comes between the Sun and the moon and casts a shadow on the moon.

How would you use peloponnesus in a sentence?

I wanted to see the ancient part of sparta, so i traveled to the pelopennesus.

Are asteroids going to hit the earth?

Another word for that is metor and yes they do hit earth, sometimes people see them and sometimes people dont see them.