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Back then, the VIN was located on the left door jamb.

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Q: Where would the VIN be on a 1947 truck?
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Where would VIN be on a 1947 ford sedan?

A 1947 would not have a vin they did not start the vin system till around 1980 or sorry like 1965 ish Hope this helped Riley

Where would the VIN be on a 1947 ford truck?

You will not find a VIN #. The modern day VIN system did not start until 1980. You may however find a Serial # or similar #. Look in the glove box, trunk, on the door posts, and under the hood on the firewall.

Where would the VIN be on a 1946 gmc truck?

On the drivers door sill.

Where would the VIN on a 1973 Ford truck?

somewhere on the body i think

Where is the vin on a 1964 Datsun truck?

Vin Plate

When was Vin Scelsa born?

Vin Scelsa was born in 1947.

How many and where are the vin numbers on a Volvo Semi truck?

There'll be a panel inside the door frame which has the VIN number on it. The VIN will also be on the truck's registration.

How do you find out who is trying to repo a truck?

You would have to know who the LENDER is on the loan. You will also need the VIN from the truck and/or the debtors name.

When was Vin Garbutt born?

Vin Garbutt was born on 1947-11-20.

Where to type in a VIN to tell what kind of truck you have?

1ftrx18l52nc04256 Goggle "Decode VIN"

What is the Horsepower of a 2004 Chevy duramax engine?

If it was an earlier 2004 truck with the Lb7 duramax (8th digit of VIN would be 1) then it has 300hp. If it was a later 2004 truck with the LLY duramax (8th digit of VIN would be 2) then it has 310hp.

What if the vin on the truck dont match the vin on the title?

dont buy or give it back

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