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Actually, I think there is only one. I would stay away from BOSCH O2 Sensors. They always seem to trip an Check Engine Light. I changed mine on my 2002 V6 once. Stayed with Motocraft, no probs.

There will be two; one in each of the exhaust manifolds.

I forgot to say that on some cars there will be another 02 sensor underneath the car, past the catalytic converter.

There are three O2 Sensors on my 1999 Cougar. Two are located just before the Y-Pipe and are both wired to the drivers side of the Y-Pipe. The other is located just after the Catalyic Converter.

Easy to change.

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Q: Where would the oxygen sensor be located on a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6?
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Where is coolant temperature sensor located on a 99 Mercury Cougar?

cougar 99 where is coolant temperature sensor

Map sensor location on a 1994 mercury cougar?

MAP Sensor on a 1994 Cougar is located on the firewall. Has a vacuum hose coming from it and an electrical connection.

Where is vehichle speed sensor in mercury cougar?

Where is speed censor on mercury cougar

Location of temperature sensor on a 1997 mercury cougar xr7?

On a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7, the temperature sensor is located below the air intake. The sensor should be accessible without having to remove any other parts.

Why would 93 mercury cougar runs rough missing?

Need a little more information. there are a number of reasons why your cougar would run rough. Anywhere from the mass oxygen sensor to the idle control sensor, oxygen sensors and on and on.

1995 Mercury Mystique oxygen sensor connection locations?

oxygen sensor on 2.0 is located on the exhaust pipe on v6 it is located in front and rear exhaust manifolds

Where is the IAT sensor located on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

The IAT sensor on a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 is on the back side of the filter box. On the Zetec model it is either on the Air box like the V6, or on the intake tubing running from the box to the Throttle Body.

Where is the Oxygen Sensor on a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7?

i heard it is inside the catlitic converter i am just repeting what i heard do not know for sure.

How do you reach the oxygen sensor on a 2001 mercury cougar?

Jack the car up and crawl underneath Use proper safety stands!!

Trying to locate the IAT sensor on a 1991 Mercury Cougar 38L?

it's located on the firewall right in back of the intake

Where is the mass airflow sensor on a 2001 Mercury Cougar?

On a 2001 Mercury Cougar : The Mass Air Flow Sensor is between the engine air filter and the big engine air intake tube

Where is the bank1 sensor1 o2 sensor located on a 1995 mercury cougar 8-cylinder eng?

On a 1995 Mercury Cougar ( V8 and V6 ) Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine Sensor 1 would be close to the engine before the exhaust passes through the catalytic converter

Where is the obd2 sensor on a 1994 3.8l mercury cougar?

A 1994 Mercury Cougar is ( OBD I , EEC IV ) There should be an EEC TEST connection in the engine compartment

Why does my mercury cougar stall in reverse?

Your Mercury Cougar might stall in reverse because of a problem with a bad crank sensor. This problem could also be due to the crank sensor wires which are damaged or not wired correctly.

What is the Mercury Cougar Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor for?

are you sure it is not tail shaft sensor. This would be for your speedometer

Does a 1999 Mercury Cougar have an IAT sensor?

Yes, there is an intake air temperature (IAT) sensor in a 99 coug. The IAT is located by the mass air flow sensor between the air fliter and the intake manifold.

Where is the speed censor in 1996 Mercury Cougar v'8 located?

The speed sensor is located on the back of the transmission, right before you get to the drive shaft you will see it sticking out.

Where is Oxygen Sensor 1998 mercury villager van?

O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.

Where is Honda City oxygen sensor located?

Oxygen sensor is located at the exhuast Manifold.

Where is the cts sensor on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

The cts is the throttle position sensor which is on top and to the drivers side of the engine

Where is the oxygen sensor located on BMW 318ti?

The front oxygen sensor is located on the exhaust manifold of the BMW 318ti. The rear oxygen sensor is located in the head pipe.

Is there a rear brake sensor on the brakes of a 1999 mercury cougar 4 cylinder?


Where is a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer oxygen sensor heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2 with a code of P0161 located at?

left side of the engine after the cat

Car stalling in a Mercury Cougar when slowing down?

If you have the 99 -02 Cougar replace the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) on the throttle body.

Where is the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2000 Mercury Cougar located?

You will be able to find it right behind the harmonic balancer on the front of the engine at the bottom. .....................NO ITS NOT THAT IS THE CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR....THEYRE ON THE HEADS ON THE BELT SIDE OF THE ENGINE....