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A sand deposit will usually occur on the curve of a river. It will show when the river is low, and all of the water will usually flow to the middle or the inside of the curve.Ê

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Where does the river erode sediment and where it deposits sediment as it flows around the curve?

In a meandering river or stream, the area of highest erosion would be on the outer bend of the meander. Deposition would occur on the shore of the inner bend.

Where would gold deposits be found and where would they be traded?

Gold deposits would be found in the Nile river, and this would be traded in the middle of Africa. (:

In what form within the soil would you expect to find bauxite deposits?


What feature would you most likely find near stream and river beds?

Placer deposits.

What type of rocks would you expect to find at the mouth of a river?


Why is a river deposits heavier sediments first and lighter sidements later as it flows along?

After that it would be deposited when the flow of the river is too slow to carry it.

Would you expect a river to have higher PH in the summer or winter?

in the toilet season

What is the shape of demand curve in monopoly?

Under standard assumptions, we would expect a monopolist to face a downward sloping demand curve in prices (i.e for normal goods that have a negative price elasticity of demand).

What soil types would be expect in a river or stream delta?

Alluvial types of soil.

What are physical characteristics of a river?

The physical characteristics of a river vary according to age. In a young river, one would expect to find a steep gradient (slope), high discharge, rapids, steep sides, no floodplain, and a lot of downcutting. In a mature river, one would expect to find a medium gradient, meadows, some meanders (bends in the river path), a narrow floodplain, lateral erosion, and medium discharge. In an old river, one would expect to find large meanders, a wide floodplain, more lateral erosion, and low discharge.

Why would you expect firms that set price to do so in the elastic portion of their demand curve?

I'm having trouble finding a descent response

What is an example of a meander?

a meander is a sharp turn in a river. also the meander would of been eroded to make a sharp curve :)

What causes formation of alluvial fan?

Alluvial fans are when a river slows and deposits sediment on a flatter plain. This would be caused by eroson.

A reduction in the level of unemployment would have which effict with respect to the nation's production possibilities curve..........?

It would not shift the curve; it would be represented by moving from a point inside the curve toward the curve.

Would you expect more fertile land near the river in the mountain or on flat land?

on flat land

Why are the width and depth of a river related?

This is because a river erodes both vertically and laterally so if there is a lot of water in the river you would expect both the width and depth to increase. Hope this is helpful

How is it possible for one polluted site in a watershed to contaminate a whole river basin?

Because a watershed is an area where water drains quickly from, and deposits into a river basin... so the source of water for the river basin would be contaminated. pussy is yummy.

What would not shift the aggregate demand curve?

A change in price level would cause movement along the demand curve, but would not cause the curve itself to shift.

What is half of parabola?

A curve. It would be called a parabolic curve.

Would you expect to see a river in a mountain or plain region?

Both. The difference is the type of river. In the mountains, rapid moving. On the plains, what is called slow, placid, or winding.

Why did the flooding of the Tigris Euphrates river system benefit civilizations that existed there?

The floods would leave silt deposits behind, resulting in fertile soil.

What would be the best blackberry curve?

I would say either the curve 9320,8520 or one of the bolds

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the tour has a better camera but the curve has better graphics i would go with the curve.

Suppose you heated frozen alcohol instead of ice how would the heating curve for alcohol be similar to and different from the heating curve for water?

AnswerAlcohol freezes at -114. i would imagine that the heating curve would be similar to the differences in freezing curve..

How would the demand curve of cigarettes?

Demand curve will be perfect inelastic