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Where would you find Clara Barton color ins?

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go to Google images and type in Clara barton coloring pages

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Clara barton didn't find it but she did set one up in America

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881.

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in Washington, DC.

Clara Barton learned about the Red Cross in 1869 when she was visiting Switzerland. She founded the American Red Cross in May of 1881.

why wasn't she permitted to work with the international red cross

No she did not but she helped to. Find a book on her and it will tell you.

As a child, Clara Barton spent many years taken care of her injured brother. This lead her to find her calling and become an educator, nurse and founder of the American Red Cross Facts on File Database American History Online

It's sometimes very difficult to find answers to questions like this. Clara Barton, or at least the Clara Barton I have heard of was born December 25, 1821, she was a pioneer American teacher, nurse, and humanitarian. She is best remembered for organizing the American Red Cross.She died at the age of 90 on April 12, 1912 in Glen Echo, Maryland. According to historical records Clara was never married and had no children. This is not to say she was a lesbian, in those days topics such as sex and especially sexuality were "hush-hush".So I guess it would be more of speculation, unless other documents arise, such as private diaries, journal's etc, it may remain a mystery. Though back in those days it really wasn't too uncommon for a woman of her stature to remain unmarried and childless.There have been several books written on the topic that may contain more information on her personal life. The Life of Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross is one (published 1969)A list of all the books are: (note, the list does not guarantee that the books are still in print)Barton, William E. The Life of Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross New York: AMS Press, (1969)Hutchinson, John F. Champions of Charity: War and the Rise of the Red Cross Boulder: Westview Press, Inc., (1996)Joyce, James Avery. Red Cross International and the Strategy of Peace New York: Oceana Publications, Inc., (1959)Pryor, Elizabeth Brown. Clara Barton: Professional Angel Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, (1987)Ross, Ishbel. Angel of the Battlefield: The Life of Clara Barton New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, (1956)Deady, Kathleen,W. "Clara Barton" Mankato:Capstone Press, (2003)Numbering All the Bones by Ann Rinaldi features Clara Barton and Andersonville Prison, a Civil War prison with terrible conditions.Safranski, Debby Burnett, "Angel of Andersonville, Prince of Tahiti: The Extraordinary Life of Dorence Atwater," Alling-Porterfield Publishing House, 2008

Can you find Allied Barton Security Services EIN number?

Clarissa Harlowe Barton, better known as Clara, was born on Christmas Day in 1821, She worked as a teacher, patent clerk, and humanitarian, in addition to being a hospital nurse. Toward the end of the Civil War, she established a hospital at the Andersonville prison camp. After the war she ran the Office of Missing Soldiers, to help find or identify soldiers killed or missing in action. She established the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881.

She never married because she thought she could not be treated equally if she was married and that she may not be able to find a man that could keep up with her. She also never had children because she was never married.

Find the American Red cross.

contact reed and barton .com and ask then i have a 1873 reed/barton silverplate tea set # 2626 aug 1st .what is the # under the teapot

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Well, according to the book, "The Story of Clara Barton" by Olive Prince, says that one night, she wanted to go ice skating with a neighbor, Lovett Stimson and her other neighbors the Learned's sons (3) so she snuck out at night while her family was asleep a went. She ended up hurting her knee and that's how she got caught. This goes to show that the saying "Make sure your sin will find you out" is absolutely true. And I'm sure that she probably did a couple of small bad things because nobody is perfect. That's what the Bible tells us.

She was a battlefield nurse who helped everybody. All of the soldiers loved her. Also, after the civil war, she helped start an organization to find and identify missing soldier's. I know this, because I did a biography on her at school. Nobody knew who she was. I should have done Michael Jordan instead.....

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Clara made a freedom quilt because she was a slave and wanted to find a way to escape slaverythrough the ancient 'underground railroad', which was supposed to help slaves find freedom. So Clara sewed a quilt which had a mapof The Big House to as far as she could see.

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