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In its stomach

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Do hawks have a gizzard?

All birds have a gizzard.

What would you find inside the gizzard?

Why do you care it is a Gizzard :) haha

Do rabbits have a gizzard?

No, because the gizzard is only in birds.

Do humans have a gizzard?

No , gizzard is present in birds and crocodiles .

Why does a bird need a gizzard?

Birds need a gizzard because it's a part of there stomach

Why don't humans have a gizzard?

humans dont have a gizzard because we are not birds and our stomach does all of the breaking down of the nutrients, we don't need a gizzard

What organ mechanically grinds food in a birds digestive system?

That would be the gizzard. There is also the beak.

Do humans have a crop and gizzard?

No, worms and birds are the only ones I know of. The gizzard and crop are connected to the stomach of them.

Where would you most likely find Campbells Watercress and Duck Gizzard Soup in?

You would most likely find Campbells Watercress and Duck Gizzard Soup in China or Hong Kong.

Do rabbits have gizzards?

No, because the gizzard is only in birds.

How birds grind up food?

With their gizzard and beak.

Do emus eat rocks?

Actually, sort of. See, emus are birds, and most birds have an organ called a gizzard. The function of the gizzard is the help grind up food. Only the very muscular structure of the gizzard isn't able to do this unassisted, so birds consume gravel and sand to help.

Does Tyler Have A Gizzard?

Yes It Is Really Large He Would Love U To Suck It Hardy So Come To Asia And Find And Suck On His GIZZARD!!!!

Do chemicals in birds break down food in the gizzard?

Yes, in birds it does break down the food

How is a birds digestive system different from a pigs?

Birds have a crop and a gizzard, whereas pigs don't.

What do you call that has been removed to the gizzard?

I have to guess what you mean. What has been removed to the gizzard depends on which direction you mean. On one side it is the intestines and on the other side it is the throat. Birds have no teeth. The gizzard is used by birds to grind the food they eat, much as our teeth do. Birds will ingest small stones and sand to do this. The gizzard is a muscular organ and as it contracts it grinds the food eaten with the stones and sand. The food then passes on to the stomach. The material in the gizzard is food that is in the process of being ground and small stones and sand.

Do birds chew?

Birds have a special organ on their esophagus called a gizzard. In this they store pebbles that they have swallowed and when food passes through they use the pebbles to grind it up. Birds don't have teeth so they don't chew with their mouths, they use the gizzard instead.

What does a gizzard do for the turkey?

In most birds a gizzard is sort of a 'second' stomach. It grinds food and breaks it up by mechanical digestion before chemical digestion can start. Some birds eat stones or bits of bone or bark that can be found in the gizzard and help with breaking down the food theat they eat.

What structure in the human digestive system is similar to the birds gizzard?

The mouth with teeth help to grind food into smaller pieces. This has a similar function to a bird's gizzard.

How many teeth does a bird have?

Birds do not have teeth. Their beak and gizzard perform the job of chewing

What is gizzard in a earthworm?

Well, since earthworms dont have teeth the have this sack behind the mouth that squezes tightly then contracts over and over. Basicly it chews the food for the worm. Birds do it to but they also hold the chewed food in the gizzard for the baby birds

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