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Sounds like you have a bad ground connection somewhere. You could purchase a shop manual for that vehicle. The manual would have the wiring diagrams you need to help you locate the grounds.

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Q: Where would you find a diagram to show you for your dash lights Or how come your dash lights turn on and off without you even turning on your lights?
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With most vehicles you can turn on the parking lights or the headlights and the dash illumination lights light up without turning on the ignition switch.

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2000 Toyota 4runner instrument lights and running tail lights don't work head lights and turn signalsfront and rear do work what could be the problem you checked the fuses no power going to the lights?

More than likely the lights involved are controlled by a relay. The steering column or dash switch that you turn on would energize the relay which would close it's (heavier duty) contacts to provide power to the lights. This is more reliable than having all the current (required for the lights) going thru a switch, which is usually are not capable of reliably handling high currents. Check the wiring diagram, or get a manual from the dealer or Haynes to get a diagram. It could be that relay.

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