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There are resources for finding a heavy equipment trader for your tractor in your local yellow pages. Most heavy equipment traders can also be located at farm auctions.

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Q: Where would you find a heavy equipment trader for your tractor?
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Where can you find a heavy equipment trader for your small business?

If you have a local heavy equipment store or trader, you should probably check there first. Also, online are several websites that offer equipment trades between people. Websites such as Equipment Trader Online would be a good place to start.

Which tractor trader websites would you recommend?

I would definitely recommend and These are the best websites to find a used tractor at a reasonable price. Good luck!

Where can you buy a new engine for your Case 446 tractor?

It would probably have to come straight from Case, or through a certified Case dealer. If it's a long discontinued model, you might only be able to find rebuilt motors. For those, the Heavy Equipment Trader publications would probably be your best place to look, if the dealer isn't able to turn up anything.

Is there a Case tractor dealer located in the Little Rock area or close by and how can I contact them?

I would suggest checking HeavyQuip, they offer heavy equipment from many different brands. They have a website at:

What is the best way to locate farm equipment for sale?

One of the best options for locating farm equipment for sale would be visiting FarmTrader, TractorHouse or McGrewEquipment. One could even go to the Auto Trader web page, as they have a Farm section for Tractors and Tractor Insurance which one might find useful.

Do you have school training class for heavy equipment operator?

I live in Utah and I would like to find out if is there school or training in Utah for heavy equipment operator.

Does fireston make farm tractor tires?

If you mean "Does Firestone make farm tractor tires?" then yes, they do make farm tractor tires. They have an agricultural division that would offer those type of tires for the agricultural equipment.

Why a heavy truck is fitted with eight wheels?

I don't know of a heavy truck with eight wheels. It would have six, 10, 12 or 14 and 18 if it was a tractor and trailer.

Which websites offer the best deals on heavy equipment for the construction industry?

Although there are many places that sell heavy equipment, two of the best websites are equipment and I also would give a try as well.

Is there special training needed for a heavy equipment operator?

Yes, you would need some training in heavy equipment operating to get a job in this field. You can get this training by going online for further information at:

I want to become a heavy equipment trader How much money would you need to cover start up costs for your company?

This is a tough question because many variables will affect your start up. It's best to ask someone who is in that line of trade to help answer your question.

Where can I buy a used utility tractor online?

You can get a used utility tractor from and similar websites. However since the cost of shipping it would be quite high you should consider a local seller. A good option is to use the search function for google maps. Often heavy equipment dealers sell utility tractors both new and used.

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