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I did an AM browser search for "free pyrography patterns" and got several sites with free patterns. I didn't go to any of them, so I don't know how good the patterns are, but I'm sure you can find some that are useful. I'd probably use Google for a serious search, though. Google always has the best results (my opinion - not an "advertisement").

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Where can you find Free Modern Sewing Patterns? To find more choices, in you search box, type Free patterns online Go to and find a chapter near you, then ask for sewing patterns.

Where can you find free crochet patterns for wash cloths?

See links below for websites offering free crochet patterns for wash cloths. * The easiest place to find patterns is on

Where can one find free knitting patterns online?

There are many websites where one can find free knitting patterns. Some good websites to visit for free knitting patterns are Knitting Pattern Central, The Daily Knitter, and Free Vintage Knitting.

Where can you get a Serenity loom afghan pattern?

You can find free patterns on Pinterest , Wonderhowto or knittingboard. YouTube is also a great place to find free patterns.

Where can I find free sewing patterns online?

Free sewing patterns online can be found at Pinterest, Simplicity, All Free Sewing, Burda Style and Sewing Patterns. Other good places to find free sewing patterns online are So Sew Easy, Angel Fire, Sew Mag and Fashionary.

Where can I download free knitting patterns?

Knittinghelp is your best bet for finding knitting patterns for free on the internet. You can find these patterns and see which best suits you and your projects going forward.

How can you find free stained glass patterns?

One can find free stained glass patterns from either subscribing to Dover Publication's children newsletter or by downloading from Delphiglass' website.

Who provides free hat knitting patterns?

Free knitting patterns can be found on where you can find a plethora of patterns to compare to. I wish you look in finding the best pattern for your niece's hat.

Where do you find free wood carving patterns?

I found the three items listed there in the Related Linkssection by using and searching for "free wood carving patterns".

How can I find easy and free knitting patterns?

Knitpicks is a terrific resource to find the exact knitting pattern you are looking for. These knitting patterns are also FREE so you should have no troubles going to this website and finding what you need.

Where can I download free sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for kids?

One great site to find patterns and directions for making Halloween costumes for kids is Family Fun. You can find them at Another good resource is I also recommend that you check out for a list of places to find free patterns.

Where can you find a crochet pattern for a Green Bay Packers afghan?

I have attached a link for a website which gives you free logos for NFL Football teams. It would be up to you to make up an afghan for this logo, then. If you need patterns for afghans, I suggest that you go to and look under afghans to find free patterns online.

Where can I find a free online pattern for a custom apron?

Check out They have over 100 free apron patterns!

Where can you find Lolita dress patterns?

Gothic & Lolita Bible includes free Lolita patterns in every issue. You can purchase the magazine on Amazon.

Where can I find free patterns for knitted hats made on circular needles?

Visit This is a long list of links to free knit hat patterns. Some of them may not be made on circular needles, but a lot of them are. You'll probably have to sift through several patterns before you find one you like. But that's the joy of finding patterns!

What places sell pumpkin carving patterns?

You can find good carving patterns for decorative pumpkins at the following or

Where can I get a book on embroidery patterns?

There are many places you can find books for embroidery patterns. First, try visiting your local craft store, such as Michael's or Jo-Anne Fabrics. You can also purchase these books online. You can even find free patterns on the internet!

Which websites offer free wood burning patterns? ASK: Free woodburning patterns

How do you crochet a cross?

To crochet a cross, I have attached a link to Crochet Pattern Central, a very good place to find "zillions" of free crochet patterns online. This link goes to the Religious area, where you can find many types of free patterns for making crosses.

Free wood burning patterns?

Free wood burning patterns have instructions on how to use the pattern. Woodworkers Woodshop and Carving Patterns have free patterns for wood burning. Another option is that you can draw a pattern by hand for your wood burning project.

Where can one find patterns to knit Christmas stockings?

Patterns to knit Christmas stockings can be found to print free on the Yahoo Voices website. Many women's magazines will print patterns in the run up to Christmas.

Where can you find free crochet patterns of Cartoon Network characters online?

crochet pattern central or ravelry

What are some websites that offer free quilting patterns?

The Connecting Threads and Freespiritfabric websites both offer a wide selection of diverse patterns for free download. Hoffman fabrics also has free designs that are divided and categorized to help find exactly what you're looking for.

Where can one buy stained glass window patterns?

Free Patterns for Stained Glass is a website that offers patterns. They have many different styles and designs. There are also instructions to create your own pattern if you can not find one that suits you.

Where can one find a pattern to sew a window valance?

Sewing is becoming increasingly popular, and many sites now provide free help, advice and patterns. For a window valance, AllFreeSewing, McCall's and the Simplicity websites all have free patterns.

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